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Samsung invited to attend | 6-mode full Netcom terminal launch conference

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On March 31, 2017, China Telecom and China Unicom held a conference on "implementing speed increase and reduction of fees and promotion of six-mode full Netcom terminal action conference" in Beijing. The meeting aimed to further implement the industrial and informationization speed increase and reduction requirements of 2017. Improve user service perception and promote the transformation and upgrading of the terminal industry chain. As one of the organizers' long-time important partners, Samsung has been invited to attend the conference as a manufacturer of mobile phone terminals.

Four Significant Significances to Promote the Popularization of Six-Mode Full Netcom Terminals

1. Important measures to implement speed-up and fee reduction and supply-side structural reforms

The implementation and promotion of the six-mode full Netcom mobile phone standard can not only benefit consumers, but also promote China's information industry to implement supply-side structural reforms, jump from the low-end to the high-end of the global industrial chain, and provide more and better to the world. ".

2. Consumers have the autonomy to choose an operator

The six-mode full Netcom mobile phone can realize a mobile phone, two card slots, universal use of three networks, and 4G free switching. Users can no longer be bound by the mobile phone standard and choose an operator independently. At the same time, consumer mobile phone consumption expenditure has also decreased. In 2016, consumers' purchase of 4G mobile phones decreased by about 18 billion yuan, which has really benefited.

3. Reduce the operating risks of mobile phone manufacturers and improve the overall strength of the terminal industry

The six-mode full Netcom terminal realizes the sharing of industrial upstream resources, open channel resources, and user resources. Manufacturers can focus on high-level, deep-level integration and innovation, which effectively reduces the operating risks brought by the complexity of mobile phone standards. At present, all domestic mobile phone manufacturers, as well as foreign mobile phone manufacturers represented by Samsung, have launched nearly 700 six-mode full Netcom mobile phones.

4. Six-mode full Netcom has been adopted by the International Standards Organization GCF

GCF is pushing it to become a global standard

Chinese standards are at the forefront of the world

China Telecom and China Unicom jointly issued a joint action plan to promote the six-mode full Netcom terminal. Both parties issued initiatives and took actions in terms of terminal standard coordination, terminal product listing, omni-channel cooperation and promotion, and industry consensus promotion.

"Six new measures to speed up and reduce fees" were proposed at the meeting

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5 actions to promote Netcom

1. Implement the national standard requirements of China Netcom and promote the evolution of enterprise standards

2. The entire industry works together to promote Netcom as an international standard

3. Improve user experience and benefit consumers

4. Convenient for users to purchase, increase the sales outlets of all Netcom terminals

5. Industry alliances to create a full range of full Netcom products

Samsung has been cultivating in the world of mobile communications for many years. With strong product research and development capabilities and a clear brand strategy layout, Samsung has continuously launched trend-leading flagship products generation by generation to meet the different needs of various market segments.

China is one of Samsung's most important markets, and it is Samsung's largest overseas investment market.

In the course of many years of cooperation with China Unicom and China Telecom, Samsung has a deeper understanding of the Chinese mobile communications market, and will also promote Samsung to create mobile communications products that better meet the needs of Chinese consumers in the future. Samsung will work with major operator partners to contribute to the reform of China's mobile communications environment and bring a better mobile communications experience to Chinese consumers.

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