hg638833.com Three types of people worth interacting with: the strong who joined the world, the wise man who was born, and the ordinary people of the sun

Three types of people worth interacting with: the strong who joined the world, the wise man who was born, and the ordinary people of the sun

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Dragon Tale

What kind of person you are, you will become what kind of person.

In order to find a good environment for Mencius, Meng Meng moved many times.

At the beginning, the place where he lived was very close to the cemetery, and Mencius learned something like worship. So she moved her home to the bazaar, and Mencius learned something about buying, selling, and killing. She moved her home to the school again, and Mencius learned the etiquette to advance and retreat.

Then Meng Mu settled down. As Mencius grew up, he learned Liuyi and eventually became a great Confucian.

Some people say that what is a good university is a place where there are masters, and the students there are smoked out by the master's education overnight.

With good people, over time, you will gradually become good.

01. The strong who joined the WTO.

In modern society, for most people, WTO entry is the mainstream. "Under the harbour of picking chrysanthemums" like Tao Yuanming really can't reach it, he yearns for it.

Since entering the WTO, it is natural to align with the strong.

It is not Meifu, but people who have achieved great success in a secular society, such as giants like Ma Yun and Ma Huateng. They all have strong execution, accurate judgment, and a strong response to leadership.

When Alibaba was a startup, it was just a small company. Eighteen people collected 500,000 yuan to create Alibaba. Ma Yun said that Alibaba should be made into the world's greatest Internet company founded by Chinese. With this higher-than-normal vision and spirit. Ten years later, Alibaba went public, and the "eighteen arhats" became billionaires.

Walking with the strong, you can often see farther and go faster.

02. Born Wise Man.

When Su Dongpo was in Guazhou, he had a deep relationship with the abbot Buddhist seal master of Jinshan Temple across the river, and they often talked about Zen. One day, Su Dongpo felt that he had comprehended the essence of the Buddhism, so he wrote a poem and asked the Buddha to comment on it. The poem was written like this: "The first day of the day, the sky is full of light. "It means that you have practiced well, and nothing can affect your peace of mind.

After Foyin saw the poem, he approved a word, "Fart". Dongpo was furious and came to find the Buddha Seal Theory. Foyin said to him with a smile: "Eight winds can't move, and the fart hits the river." Su Dongpo suddenly realized that he had not cultivated home yet.

Su Dongpo, who became famous as a teenager, has since converged on his proud temperament, devoted himself to learning, and finally went freely in the three schools of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism. In Hainan's exile, he still wrote optimistically the sentence "I don't hate the nine dead and the south famine, and you are the best in life".

Sunset warm

Having a born wise man as a friend can get yourself a valuable reward when you're in trouble.

With his super but unique vision, the born person can awaken us with a few words when we are drinking. Since then, he has opened his mind to a new world.

03. Sunshine ordinary people.

For most of us, it is impossible to meet the strong and the wise. Most of the ordinary people laugh and scold and enthusiastically around us.

Ordinary is the normal state of life.

What is sunshine? Just positive energy, don't complain. Today, with increasing social pressure, positive sunlight is becoming increasingly precious. In the face of all kinds of dissatisfaction, some people like to complain, chattering about this and that, and doing things reluctantly, every day they feel that the world owes them.

No matter who it is, it can't bear such complaints day after day. Not only are they unwilling to actively change the status quo, they have also dragged people around into the mire of negative emotions.

Do unto others, do not impose on others. Only if you have someone in your heart will someone else treat you as a friend. Regretlessly treating friends as trash cans proves that he lacks sufficient education.

The darker things are, the more precious the sun is. It is a good and healthy life to have a good sunshine partner, work together, work out, study, and work together in the face of difficulties.

A wise man, a strong man, an ordinary man in the sun. We have been saying that it is worth paying. This is a value judgment. In addition to value judgments in human life, there are other judgments.

They seem to be "not worthy of handing over". They are not wise, strong, and sometimes like to complain. However, they do fit into your life and become your friends for life. In the period of Beyazi, the mountains and rivers met the confidante. People say that conscience is hard to find, but there seems to be such a conscience around you.

You can go to see him without washing your hair, you can tease him recklessly. If you need help, he must have said nothing and rushed to the scene the first time.

He is not a wise man, nor is he a strong man, sometimes sunny, sometimes low. But no one can replace it. If a person is not worth measuring before making each friend, then that person is too utilitarian.

These lifelong close friends are embedded in your life because of fate, crying with you, laughing with you, walking with you for decades, decades, and in the future, he will accompany you like this. Your life is intertwined and grows long separated.

It's important not to be worth it, but to get along well, don't deliberately try to please, maintain, feel free and natural, and not tired. This point is actually more important than the wise and strong.

[Copyright note] Reprinted from "Confucianism Everyone".

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