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Xinghua Jiangnan is clear and bright

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In recent years, the Qingming file that has attracted attention in the film market (2017 is a total of 3 days from April 2-4), has always maintained the same growth rate as Chinese movies, and more and more films are no longer tied to summer and National Day. , New Year's Eve, and other popular dates, and instead set their sights on a few small vacations with less competition.

The Qingming Festival, known as the "Spring Festival", coincides with the infinite spring light of the lush green grass and the tradition of sacrificing ancestors, and always attracts people to go outdoors and enter the sun.

As one of the first choices for national entertainment and leisure, compared with other leisure methods such as walking tours, what choices do people make? Or both?

The difference in the performance of the film market between cities is also somewhat different due to the different cost of travel time.For example, for the Yangtze River Delta region, the best place to visit in March and April, there are beautiful scenery at the doorstep of the home. 75% of the audience will choose to travel within 300 kilometers, which means that there is a lot of holiday time to contribute To the movie .

The so-called--

Can't live up to the spring, or live up to the movie ~~

Fish farming games

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