hg32a.com What is the most painful thing every day is to sleep?

What is the most painful thing every day is to sleep?

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[Guide] Your baby's sleep is very important, but the baby always does not like to sleep at that moment, some parents always hold a pair of panda eyes and complain. After the baby was born, I really haven't tried a stable rejuvenation.

Every night, my mother probably looks forward to the child hurry to fall asleep, so as to pick up some time to take care of themselves.

But the energetic little guy didn't cooperate at all.

The mother "rushed" to bed at 8 o'clock, but after half an hour , she still hasn't fallen asleep. If it is a second-born family, it may be even more lively. I have been in bed for over an hour, and I have no sleepiness .

At this time, the mother's little emotion is likely to erupt: Little ancestor, what is the only way you are willing to sleep?

Mother disrupts sleep process, child refuses to fall asleep

Actually, think about it from another angle. Is it because you disrupted your child's sleep routine?

The mother just wanted the child to go to sleep quickly, so that she could do her own business, so the daily falling asleep story will not be told today, and the children will be told to go to sleep directly. How they are willing to ask the mother over and over again: I want to tell a story, I To tell a story ...

Has the mother been with the child wholeheartedly? The child can feel the most.

If you can calm down and tell a story to your child, it may take only ten minutes, and he can fall asleep very satisfied.

Parent-child time before bedtime

Le Mom has always believed that the child's half an hour before going to bed is really important. If the mother makes good use of this time, she may have an unexpected impact on the child and benefit him for a lifetime.

First, it allows children to build a better sense of security.

Before going to bed is often the most relaxing time for children. If there is a period of parent-child time before bedtime that completely belongs to the child, the child's companion needs can be easily met.

This is even more true for working mothers. Mother is not around during the day, so the child is even looking forward to parent-child time at night . Whenever it is time to go to bed, I am very happy. What will my mother do with us today? Is it storytelling or singing?

At this time, the simple companionship for half an hour can make the child deeply feel the love of the parents. His heart is satisfied and he has a good sense of security.

Secondly, it makes children sleep better and better.

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When the child is full of expectations, if the mother says, "Baby, mother is tired today, we don't tell stories anymore, go to bed earlier".

,冲孩子吼怎么就这么不听话呢,就不能好好睡个觉么? You think, the child ’s little wish for one day is so unsuccessful, how much he should be lost , so he will insist on telling the story to the mother, but the mother did not think from the child ’s perspective that this is the case, so , Why is it so disobedient to yell at the child, can't you sleep well?

,更有助于长高高!但是,如果带着糟糕的心情睡觉,自然是睡不好,还可能做噩梦 Everyone knows that adequate sleep is especially important for children. It can restore physical strength, improve , and help to grow taller! However, if you sleep with a bad mood, you will naturally not sleep well and may have nightmares .

More importantly, you can also cultivate your child's personality.

There are no restrictions on parent-child activities before bedtime, and each family may be different.

;大一点了,可以讲故事、唱两首歌谣;再大一点了,还可以跟孩子聊聊今天做了什么,有什么做得很好,值得鼓励。 When you are younger, you can do it ; when you are older, you can tell stories and sing two songs; when you are older, you can talk to your child about what you have done today, and what is well done, which is worth encouraging.

Telling a story once or twice may not feel special, but you know, you can develop a habit in 21 days and tell stories to your children every day, which can enrich their imagination well. At times, children can remember many words unconsciously, and after a while, you may find that children can even compose stories by themselves.

I would like to remind everyone, do not over-stimulate amused babies, especially when it is close to bedtime, talk to your baby quietly when you are going to bed, read stories or something, and stop playing some exciting games and toys .

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