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Warm Articles | People who pretend to sleep do not wake up, and those who do n’t love you ca n’t move

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You must understand:

You can't keep the people you want to leave.

You who pretend to sleep can't wake up, and those who don't love you can't be moved.

If he misses you, he will look for it.

If he wants you, he will say.

If he cares about you, he will reveal his true feelings.

If none of this happens, then he will not bother you.


Actually, whoever likes you can feel it.

Who do you like, does he love you,

If you don't care, you can feel it.

Sometimes, as clever as you are, silly is used to deceiving yourself.

I promised what I shouldn't give, and insisted on unnecessary.


I ca n’t help but love.

Let those who do n’t live in your heart let him go,

The world you can't walk in turns around first.

The tea is cold, so don't continue.

It is no longer the original taste.

When people leave, do n’t stay anymore,

It is no longer the same feeling to stay.

Don't forget about it,

Aftertaste is no longer the original mood.

Slowly it will be far away, and gradually it will fade.

Treasure when you have it, and leave the silent blessing.


In the journey of life, no one should accompany you to the end.

Do not force the shoes if they are not suitable,

Grind your own feet.

If the caller does n’t answer, do n’t repeat it again and again,

Those who cherish you will call the first time.

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When you move out of the restaurant, do n’t go there and eat.

Your time cannot be spent on the way.


All people and things, just have a clear conscience,

Do n’t force it if it ’s not yours, anyway, it ’s all scenery that leaves.

What is left is life.

If someone who broke up with you,

Found new people in a short time,

Not because they are so good, but just because they have goals. That's why I dump you like old shoes.

Anything that doesn't want to drag down and what doesn't fit are deceptive.

It is nothing more than like the new and hate the old.


People who really love each other have no excuses and will not break up.

Because always love, but not love.

Treasure if you have a chance, let it go without a chance, don't let yourself be tired!

You can attract the king by treating yourself like a queen.

What kind of person you are, you will attract what kind of people.

Desperately good to one person,

For fear of doing something wrong, the other party will not like you.

This is not love, but pleasing.


After breaking up, I felt that I loved each other more, and I couldn't live without him.

This is not love, it is unwilling.

When someone responds slowly to your message,

Or don't worry about what happened to him when he doesn't return.

He is only with someone who is more important than you or doing something more important than you.


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