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Black Horse Hotpot: Rough and Natural Old-Style Hotpot Restaurant

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Project Name: Heima Hotpot (Huaibei Guogou Shop, Anhui)

Design Unit: Shenzhen Yiding Decoration Design Co., Ltd.

Designers: Wang Yan, Pan Huanzhi

Main materials: iron plate patina paint, red brick, old wood board, cement board, plain cement, etc.

Address: Next to Hanting Hotel, Huaibei International Shopping Plaza, 1st floor

Area: 960 square meters

Heima Hotpot is a special store under Chaotianmen, which continues the Chongqing hotpot flavor of the old-time brand Chaotianmen, with its spicy and fresh flavor.

The designer started from Chongqing's hot pot food culture, inspired by the mountain city architecture, and found the rough and natural style positioning of the case. At the same time, he merged the high and low mountain city building forms to build a three-dimensional, multi-faceted space frame prototype. The dining hall adopts the layout of large houses and courtyards, which enriches and refines the high and low frame layout. As a focal point of the space form, it narrows the distance between people and nature, creating an intimate and warm space atmosphere.

The designer incorporated the form of the mountain city building into this case, combined with soft decorations and lamps to create a sparse dining space, giving people a visual beauty of different steps. “有山、有云、屋舍俨然”的意境相契合。 The chandeliers at the entrance of the restaurant are white clouds, which is in line with the designer's concept of "there are mountains, clouds, and houses".

山即是城,城即是山 ”地势特色,通过整齐的陈设柜、餐座上空的渔网、麻绳外观的吊灯、麻绳串联木板的隔断等装饰,排列出空间内部的高低错落感,同时通过墙面上的水墨山水画,强调重庆符号印记,突出品牌特色所在。 The style of this case is rough and natural. In the design of the space, the designer surrounds Chongqing's " mountain is a city, and the city is a mountain. " Decorations such as partitions of tandem wooden boards line up the height of the interior, and at the same time, through the ink and wash landscape painting on the wall, the Chongqing symbol mark is emphasized and the brand features are highlighted. Flooring, furnishings, and dining seats are made of wood materials, ranging in color from wood white to deep wood yellow, with a moderately uniform space tone.

“朝天门”是将用餐大厅一分为左右的过渡空间,其外观呈开放状,两侧“栽”有树木、摆有花草、地面上铺着山石 …… 设计师将镂空了山城轮廓的铁板框架涂满铁锈漆,营造出斑驳的复古感,藤编鱼形状吊灯为空间场景注入 “鱼跃龙门”的视觉意境。 The main feature of this case is that the dining hall adopts the layout of the large house and courtyard. "Chaotianmen" is a transition space that divides the dining hall into left and right sides. Its appearance is open, with trees and flowers on both sides. The ground is covered with mountains and stones ... The designer painted the iron plate frame with the outline of the mountain city covered with rust paint to create a mottled retro feel. The rattan fish-shaped chandeliers inject the visual mood of "fish leaping dragon gate" into the space scene .

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…… 这些细节装饰有助于充实整个空间结构,为空间注入不同的气息。 In addition to the layout of the large house and courtyard, the designer expresses the design consciousness through hard and soft details, neat and rich bookshelves, upside down silver tree branches, red bricks and gray bricks, an orderly partition ... These details are decorated with It helps to enrich the entire space structure and inject different breath into the space.

Designer: Wang Yan

Famous domestic catering space design master, founder and design director of Shenzhen Yiding Decoration Design Co., Ltd., director of Shenzhen Interior Designers Association, member of China Building Decoration Association, member of China Decoration Association. He has been awarded “Outstanding Designer of the Year”, “Grand Sheep Interior Designer in China”, “Top Ten Catering Space Designers in Greater China”, IDCF “Brand Designer of the Year”, Shenzhen Best of the Year Interior designers and other honorary titles, and their design works have also won the Golden Hall Award, Aite Award and other authoritative awards in the industry, and is known as "Huang Jihuang Royal Designer".

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