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The most travelling girl in the world, do you want to be so sexy?

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

I thought of the moon

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In 4 years of yoga, her students are all over the world, and her Instagram followers are over 1 million. In order to let more people know about yoga, she decided to travel around the world while practicing yoga. , Travel is correct, this is the highest state of travel.

Mac Gregor was originally a yoga teacher. When he went to a country, he did a difficult yoga movement and then uploaded it to his social network. It affected the people around him to join. Don't ignore the strength of a person.

Later, she realized that more people should understand the power of yoga, so she started a world tour, and then the world was conquered by her.

China Hong Kong

It's all power-based. Can you do it?

New York, USA

Body is too soft

Boston, USA

Just enjoy her beauty quietly

Massacre 2 stopped working

United States Las Vegas

India Mysore



Rome, Italy

She said that she practiced yoga for the first time 14 years ago, and fell many times, but every time she stood up without hesitation, because she knew that she would be grateful for this stubborn herself now. Travel is the biggest investment for women. It can broaden your horizons and enrich your life. If you have the opportunity, go for a walk.

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Lay down like this for 5 minutes after a meal, with 2 inches thin waist and 3cm thin legs!

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