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You go abroad to buy luxury goods, but foreigners come to grab the oil

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Foreigners also like to buy and buy ~

In recent years, for most Chinese people, when it comes to traveling abroad, they have to "buy, buy, buy". Some girls even go to the neon country to buy skin care products <(<) /

A bit further, in places where famous brand stores like France gather , it is inevitable to open a variety of bags to buy bags (~  ̄   ̄) ~ (Miss.6 knows you ~)

When you go to Australia, bring a few cans of milk powder to the children of various relatives. ╮ (╯﹏╰) ╭

For some more persistent people, such things as carrying a set of pots back from Germany are also available ~

In fact, not only Chinese people are very happy to buy outside, foreigners have started the "Can't control how many I send" mode after traveling to China, and they have embarked on the road of buying and buying ~

Today, let ’s take a look. What do those foreign friends who travel to China have bought and brought back (curious face) ~

Africa, Central Asia

The seemingly inconspicuous little thing, such as refreshing oil, seems to have a sense of time in the post-00s. (#  ̄ ~  ̄ #) But a few years ago, cool oil started to become popular abroad. Especially in a hot country like Egypt, it is very practical ~

Although China exports cool oil to foreign countries, many tourists from Central Asia prefer to buy more when they come to China by themselves and use <( ̄︶ ̄)>.

When it comes to refreshing oil, I thought of its close relative-Fengyoujing ↓

In the past few days, after watching the (undescriptable) video of the foreign girl, foreigners may consider coming to China with a bottle of the same type of oil. O (* ////  //// * ) q

(Who uses who knows (• ̀ω • ́) ✧)

United States

• Wig •

The American people who are keen on various festivals and parties almost regard wigs as one of the "must-have equipment", so many Americans are happy to buy some interesting wigs when they see the cheap wigs in China Wig ~

In addition to funny uses, American girls who like concave shapes are inseparable from the "blessing" of wigs. Because the facial features are relatively three-dimensional, when they try to change their appearance, it is often easier to start with their hair and change to a wig, which looks different in style. (✪ω✪)

Especially black women, because of their hair quality (curly, extremely difficult to take care of), so the wig is like a "second piece of underwear" in their eyes, it is a must-have. (* ≧  ≦)

However, because the price of wigs in the United States is generally high, and basically goes up, so when Americans travel to China, when they see a suitable wig, most people choose to buy it. (• ̀ω • ́) ✧

• Around Panda •

Another thing that Americans especially like to buy is about the panda's surroundings ( ̄   ̄) ╭.

Because the American people's love for "rolling" is no less than that of the Chinese. Several pandas in the United States have appeared in the New York Times almost as often as Zheng Shuang went on a hot search. ︿ ( ̄︶ ̄) ︿

(Selling cute is just rolling ✪ω✪)

When "Tai Shan" returned home a few years ago, many Americans braved the heavy snow and ran to the zoo in Washington to send their national treasure home. Especially for the American emperor girls, they are very reluctant to leave the panda. Uh ...


• Shaoxing Wine •

"Neon Gold", who loves to drink when everything is all right, naturally will not miss the opportunity to drink when traveling ~

Fantasy Flying Fairy Answers

Due to the geographical proximity, many Japanese will first go to Jiangsu and Zhejiang when they first come to China. Shaoxing wine and Japanese wine are similar in degree and have a softer taste. So most Japanese people prefer this Chinese wine (≧ ω ≦) / ↓

In addition to the soft taste, the packaging of Shaoxing wines generally follows the simple style, which can be regarded as an appetite for "neon gold". ↓

• Condiments •

↓ With wine, of course, you have to pair it with food (✪ω✪). Many Japanese who love Chinese food will use the good time to travel in China to buy some condiments that are difficult to buy in Japan. Bought but the price is high)

① Tofu milk

In the neon country, this kind of tofu milk produced in Didu has a very B-nickname— "Chinese version of cheese". It feels that the simple sauce of tofu is instantly elevated. Is it (• ̀ω • ́) ✧

② Seasoning sauce

。 When it comes to the sauces that the Japanese want to bring back to the country, they have to mention the "green pepper shredded pork" (a terrific face) in the neon Chinese food industry.

A Japanese netizen once commented on 2CH: "Green pepper shredded pork is the best Chinese food, and it won't get tired after eating it" (~  ̄   ̄) ~

(Please make up your own mind when you are home, the exaggeration of diners ✪ω✪)

In general, the neon country's favorite tone is more restrained than the old one. Roughly the style looks like this. ↓


• Sheet music •

For Germans who like classical music, although the scores of classical music have no "Chinese characteristics", the price for not living in China is very low (after all, Germans are still very pragmatic). Some classical music scores around 30 yuan in China are not necessarily available in Germany for 40 euros. ┑ ( ̄Д  ̄) ┍

For example, not only the cover of this music book is basically the same, but the content has not changed. It also has German comments. So many Germans who love classical music, seeing this kind of music seems to be invaluable ↓

In addition to musical notation books, there are also some audiovisual products that are also loved by German tourists.

• cell phone •

For young Germans, they prefer to buy electronic products when they come to China, such as Huawei and Xiaomi phones, which are more popular among them. <( ̄︶ ̄)>

You can see how hot Xiaomi is in related forums in Germany. ╰ ( ̄   ̄) ╭ ↓

(Even Xiaomi accessories (• ̀ω • ́) ✧)

---------- The Godmother dividing line ----------

These Chinese goods brought back by tourists from various countries have, to some degree, brought some regional differences.

To say that foreigners in many countries are interested, it should be the one that was popular on the Internet before. The national goddess, the old godmother.

There are also many foreigners who specialize in how to eat old godmothers on Ins. (≧ ω ≦) / ↓

Some of them seem to be real • foreign ~ ↓

Sure enough, people say that "the people of the world are the ones of the world." (• ̀ω • ́) ✧


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