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In-depth analysis of the lying win position: the complement can also easily score

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

North Gun King Zhang Xiu

Due to the appearance of the ranking complement mechanism, we are often assigned to positions we are not good at, which is very embarrassing at this time! For many players, it is impossible to be proficient in five positions at the same time, so we recommend five mixed heroes in each position here, and may choose them when making up.

Order: Deep Sea Titan

Lying Win Keywords: I'm very meaty, I have a lot of control, it doesn't matter if I collapse.


Rune Talent & Equipment Recommendations


Titan as an absolute front row, choosing a higher double-antibody can not only greatly improve its ability to match, but also has a high return in the later period. More attack speeds allow Titan to better use common attacks to consume opponents with W skills turned on, and it is a cost-effective option for growing health.


Few heroes are more likely to trigger a colossus than a Titan. You can knock out a shield with a basic attack. With the shield of the W skill, the Titan can't collapse during the alignment, it doesn't exist. The feast enhances the ability of the Titan to rely on the line. Witchcraft greatly improves the magic damage of the Titan.



How to mix? That is to choose a full-meat outfit. It doesn't matter if you kill me alone. When I get excited in the sun, I will be invincible in team battles. Titan is a hero with less than half a piece of equipment than the output order. Titan ’s control is tons. task. Sticking to the enemy ADC while Bingxin and Langton made it, he didn't even want to output.

Wilderness: The Mummy of Hagi


Lying Win Keywords: I can brush, I'm very meaty, I'm very strong.


Rune Talent & Equipment Recommendations


A higher attack speed combined with a higher magic power can greatly improve the clearing efficiency of Amumu. You just go into the wild area and brush crazy. Before the eighteenth level, I lose!


Mumu as the jungle is definitely the front row of the team, the colossus is still the best choice. For a jungler who is in great need of maintaining the economy and level of the jungler, Fu Neng Affinity must be pointed out.


Mumu was a hero with a high blue consumption in the early days. Fu Neng Echo is the best wild props, allowing Mumu to brush wildly in the wild. After that, you still have to choose the whole meat outfit, after all, you are going to mix!


Order: Daughter of Darkness

Lying Win Keywords: I make it easy to make up for a knife, my big move is determined, and my output is high.

Rune Talent & Equipment Recommendations


You only need to bring regular AP runes. All you need to do is use the supplementary knife mechanism of Annie Q skills online to maintain good development. Team battles will assume the role of opening the team if there is a flash.


Game of Thrones Uncut

Annie's simple and rude output method with Thunder, so that normal development Annie can easily kill the C position, this is why Annie can mix, the operation is simple, the damage is still high, and the bear covers you.


Annie is a hero with a short skill CD in the later period. She can choose more equipment to reduce the CD to the full amount and deal more damage. When the pressure on the line is great, choose the abyss first, and then add a hat and a law to wear, so that Anne can sit a bunch of people with a bear ass!


ADC: Goddess of War

Lying Win Keywords: I can provide acceleration, I can swipe money, I have a shield.


Rune Talent & Equipment Recommendations


Basic attack ADC runes can meet the needs of Wheel Mom. As long as you can keep the normal make-up knife, the wheel mom team battle only needs to turn on the W skill to output in the back row. By the way, open a big move to accelerate teammates.


Because you want to mix, you need stronger endurance. Bloodthirsty is more suitable for Wheel Mom, after all, Wheel Mom is also a hero that relies on crit to output.


After sucking the blue knife and endlessly guaranteeing the damage of the wheel mother, the green fork was added later, and the wheel mother's brainless basic attack output with these three pieces of equipment still exploded. In the end, I chose to whisper and run down to strengthen the wheel mom's ability to play in the front row.

Support: Storm's Fury

Lying Win Keywords: I can add blood, I can add shields, I stand at the end of the team.

Rune Talent & Equipment Recommendations

As a crispy assistant, if you want to mix better, then you must choose a high double resistance and fixed health. The initial alignment can greatly reduce your stress, and you can use the shield of E skill to exchange blood with your opponent. .

For Feng Nu, a kind of therapeutic aid, Wind Whisperer is the best cornerstone talent choice for blessing, and meditation slightly compensates for its blue amount. Rune armor slightly increases the healing ability of Wind Girl.


Not choosing to redeem the Wind Lady with the Bird Shield is not a good assistant. You can go back to the hot spring quietly by rolling the keyboard during a team battle. The incense burner is a piece of equipment that is very suitable for wind women. While releasing shields to their teammates, they can also improve their output.

The five-member duo, choose one when you fill up, and win by mixing!

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