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Gaia Altman

I had a big temper in the morning because of a trivial matter. After calm down, I regretted it.

Greed, indifference, and obsession are the basic weaknesses of human nature. They will pop out of your body from time to time to remind you that you are controlled. After being calm, it doesn't make sense to say that some people should be jealous and abstinence. Human beings are rational and naturally know what is right and what is wrong. However, people are complex, emotional, and often make mistakes. In order to avoid making mistakes, it seems useless to sum up rationally. You must change yourself instinctively and emotionally.

Let's tidy up the source of your temper first.

First, they do not respect the people around them, because they are familiar with each other, they do not consider the feelings of each other. Dare to say anything, regardless of time and place, do not talk about skills, and when you need patience, you must not vomit.

Second, there are too perfectistic requirements for people and things. The standards are set too high, and people are too demanding. When others meet the standard, they will instinctively put forward higher requirements;  

3. Fear of getting out of control and like the feeling that everything is under control, lest the desired result will not be achieved;

4. Too fast to the pace of development and change of things, expecting to finish things in one fell swoop, and want to reach the ideal state in a short time.

I am better at knowing people and shorter than hiring people, which is also rooted in this to some extent. Bai Juyi said "it takes three days to burn jade, and it takes seven years to discriminate the material." It is the principle of "ten years of trees, one hundred years to grow people." There is a natural law for human development, and it must be urgent. At the same time, one cannot deny a person because of the success or failure of one thing, let alone one's character because of the quality of a behavior.

The sharp synonyms are mean, and finally warn yourself that when you are emotionally unstable, you must not say the sentence you want to say the most, because that sentence must be mean and hurtful. In Jin Yong's "Blood Sword", there is a personal character, called Poisonous King of Pills, Master Wuyi, who has no face, but only appears in the mouth of others.

A transcript of a conversation, Cheng Lingsu said, "Before my master became a monk, he was very irritable. After he became a monk, he became known as Da Dao. Later, he cultivated his mind and cultivated his heart. When the first teacher started, the first teacher wasn't called a cricket, but he was still called a cricket. In this iron box, there were only poisonous snakes without antidote. "Miao Renfeng" nodded. Cheng Lingsu said, "When his old man accepted me as a disciple, his legal name was 'Wei'." Three years ago, his old man changed to 'Wu'. "

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People with a strong heart tend to be peaceful on the surface. Confucianism speaks of softness and rigidity on the outside and inner circle on the outside. In the heart of a powerful person, the priorities of the situation can be controlled, and the strengths and weaknesses of others can be tolerated, so naturally they will not look sad. This kind of person seems easy-going, in fact, it is very principled and the bottom line is firm. And those who face their faces thousands of miles away, their inner boundaries are not clear, so they must cover their weak hearts with a cold appearance. In the TV series "Ode to Joy", Qu Xiaoyu said something I liked very much, called "Getting Clear", describing people with clear ideas. Chairman Mao commented on Luo Ronghuan's "seeing through", saying that Luo Ronghuan was good at grasping the main contradictions and good at handling the conflicts between the primary and secondary contradictions. Knowing the primary and secondary, if you have a mound, you will not be more authentic everywhere, you don't have to worry about the details; you should know when to grasp and when to let it go.

Large officials from one province to one province and heads of small to micro enterprises will face two basic tasks, regardless of their size. The first is to maintain the basic stability of the organizational system, to handle and reconcile the contradictions of various people, systems, and affairs; the second is to ensure the long-term development of the organizational system, requiring leaders to give play to the subjective initiative of everyone in the organization. Short, make the organization develop towards the set goals through the system, norms and personality.

I have two major problems, one is grumpy and the other is greedy cup.

Drinking is a human tradition. The emperor will drink it, and the trafficker will drink it. There is no right or wrong. But the greedy cup must be wrong. People who are often drunk will say that people are involuntary. You can say that you are not forbidden to come to Taiwan without drinking. These are all excuses for the greedy cup. It is inevitable that ordinary people have all kinds of grievances and helplessness and have nowhere to talk. Alcohol is a digestive agent, which can digest all unpleasant and wronged things. You can also do things that you usually can't do and dare not do, and people you can't see and can't see. When you are drunk, you have the illusion. Although waking up will be more painful, but that moment is extremely happy. Some people are good at taking care of life and can find fun in the ordinary, but I am different. I cannot immerse myself in the joy of life and find it difficult to enjoy the moment. Instead, I have to draw a special zone of Estonia to care for my body and mind.

In the past few years in the field, I have a lot of time outside of work. Independence midnight, wine is the best companion. For a while, I stared at the stars and missed people far away.

Find a chance to quit drinking to make fewer mistakes.

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