hg775.com What do Japanese people pay most attention to before living together?

What do Japanese people pay most attention to before living together?

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Maybe many people realize that when they want to marry their partner, they will start with cohabitation first. However, if you start living together casually, you may have a lot of regrets later. Just before cohabitation, you must set the rules. If you are interested in finding a Japanese man, listen to the thoughts of Japanese boys.

Management of money

"The management of money (be sure to set rules) is very important in life" (26 years old / other / other)

"About the management of money and so on. If not well regulated, once it is separated, it will become the source of the problem" (35 years old / food, beverage / sales duties)

"If you don't say good things about money in advance, you may quarrel over things like who controls the money." Before cohabiting, please make rules.

■ Bath time

"Specific time division of bathing time and life rhythm" (33 years old / other / sales service department)

"Who's going to take a bath first" (27 years old / Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries / Technical position)

After starting life together, there are also some living expenses that must be paid together. Especially the water and electricity bills for bathing, please divide the time in advance.

■ Duration of cohabitation

"Get married when you are a few years old, and set a limit. Save money for marriage and tell the other person the amount" (32)

"During cohabitation, you must also consider later matters, such as marriage, etc." (29 years old / information it / sales position)

Once cohabitation begins, it may drag on like that. If you think about getting married, it's better to know how long you live together.

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■ Sharing of housework

"Sharing of housework. The person who has been doing it will be more stressed" (31 years old / construction / technical position)

"With regard to the housework sharing rules, in the case of joint work, they are equally dragged back to home. You cannot give all housework to women. However, many men think that housework is done by women. "As a result, the burden on women is relatively large, and the stress develops into a quarrel" (26 years old / retail store / sales staff. Service Department)

Perhaps when living together, it is more important than sharing the housework. Ideally, all people who work are supposed to share equally.

■ Not derailed

"No care. Not derailed. Get married early" (age 34 / transport, warehouse / other)

In fact, after starting cohabitation, it is not always happy. The ideal situation is to avoid quarrels as much as possible and set rules with each other. These things are the same after marriage.

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