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Things that left and taught us

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Lu Ding Ji Novels

Everyone who died.

Have become a star in the sky.

Let's lose something.

Also teach us something.

Let us understand.

How to live, cherish, and love.

There are 12 months in a year, and April is the month I fear most.

I have written a lot about my father's departure in previous articles.

What I miss today is another one who chose to leave in April.

On April 1, 2003, I was a sophomore.

I had just finished my English lesson in the morning and rushed to the cafeteria with my roommate in twos and twos to cook.

Suddenly the crowd was flipping through text messages and talking uproar.

Then I also received the news that my brother jumped from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

We all thought it was an unscrupulous joke because of April Fool's Day.

After all, the Beijing subway of that year was full of tabloids of Andy Lau suicide and Jackie Chan lying on the rails.

Until lunch, I received a confirmation message from the radio.

At that time, roommates had tall men from Hubei and Shandong and heard the news.

They were all there, with a sore expression, I didn't know what to say.

In fact, our generation, when grown up sensible, has passed the era of Leslie Cheung's peak and glory.

Before that day, he hadn't heard too many songs.

It is more clear about the marks he left in the image.

Every boy who has gone through the age of the videotape, no matter what it turns out to be.

As a child, I must have been touched by the affection and righteousness of "Heroes".

I also imagined myself as the white Ning Caichen in "The Ghost Girl".

But my favorite is "Across the Sea".

He and Zhou Runfa and Zhong Chuhong have complicated feelings of love and friendship.

Let me always choose to put friendship in a more important position in my later relationship.

That was the first movie my father took me to the cinema.

All these years, I still remember clearly.

Father is a dumb person.

Taking me to the movies, in the dark, is probably the best way to express his emotions.

In the many years his father left.

Whenever I think of him, I will watch it again and again.

Of course, there is also the film "The Spring Breaks".

I don't know how many relationships have ever made you want.

"It's better that we start from scratch."

The year my brother left, my student council at Beiwai became the minister.

So he contacted and cooperated with Bertelsmann who was still in full swing in the country at the first time.

At the university, I did a memorial film festival.

The previous ones, "Rouge Button", "Hero's True Colors", etc., are all safe and sound.

Until the last one, "The Spring Breaks".

The beginning was the naked passion of the two men.

Let the responsible Youth League teacher on the side immediately black line and rush in to try to stop the show.

But it was the most packed show of the festival, sitting, standing, and crowded hundreds of people in the small auditorium.

Everyone stood up, and the voices of protest rose one after another.

Finally, the screening continued.

That was the first time I learned to challenge the so-called authority.

On the seventh day of elder brother's departure.

I think this is the departure of my brother and it taught me the biggest thing.

Just like he sings in the song.

No need to dodge,

Live for the life I love.

No toner,

Standing in a bright corner.

No matter how divorced.

No matter how much it is intolerable by worldly eyes.

Be brave, wonderful, proud, stand up and live.

Finally, although tomorrow is the anniversary of my father's departure.

But it is also the birthday of an important person who recently entered my life.

I think heaven is fair.

Then, I wish you a happy birthday.


Qi Hai Qian Qiu

At that time, my aunt had a serious illness and had several operations.

I didn't know these because I was studying at a school far away from home. I went home during the holiday, got together with my family, and chatted with my aunt. My aunt told me that she had undergone several operations, and she was suffering and her eyes were red.

I was upset and thought my aunt would cry in the next second. I encouraged my aunt to say a few words, and then quickly found a chance to go to another room.

It didn't take long for the aunt to die.

Later, I kept wondering if it would be better if I held Aunt's hand, listened to her story, talked to her more, hugged her, and told her that I could experience these pains.

It was just that they were young and didn't know how to deal with their emotions or how to tolerate others' emotions.

Later, I gradually learned that if you care about you, express your love in time, express your concern, and tell them that you care, and you will not regret it.


@。 . :

I did n’t know how to make friends before college. I always ran away with friends.

I always thought that like the last friend who left in high school said, you see, the departure of so many people hasn't proved to be your problem?

I also kept looking for problems on my own until I went to repeat it.

I am good to a friend, so good that everyone says that I am her other boyfriend. When she was about to graduate, she told me that I knew you were good to me. The reason why I didn't treat you equally was because I couldn't focus my energy outside of studying this year.

At this time I realized that I was good enough, and instead of bowing my head for this relationship, I could spend time with my friends who could wait for me calmly, and not have to be flattered.

If I do n’t meet a good friend, I can be good by myself.


Taking my grandmother away from childhood has made me regret a lot of things. I'm sorry for her. I have not been filial to her, and I have not treated her well, because she is ill and occasionally takes care of her.

I'm really sorry for her, the last thing I regret in this life is this.

@ 为 想 为 :


Qingming is coming, and he is alone in a foreign land.

Speaking of making money with friends today, he said that in the past, watching the mining workers slowly fell and then died. I remembered my cousin, who grew up together, treats me like my uncle's cousin.

Maybe it's my heart to resist it. I always think that he just went to a distant city, but the return date is far away. It's been four years since I still can't forget, and I'm gone on such a special day.

Later, I felt that I didn't cherish it too much, didn't cherish the present, and didn't live in the present.

So I started to run away from my hometown. I thought very naively. I felt that I couldn't see my family and loved ones, and they would be good and always there.

Since then, he still continued to flee, not even daring to make a phone call, and dared not ask a greeting.



My mom ... it's been 53 days since I left.

The weather is particularly good today. I remembered that when she was lying on the bed, I told her to wait until the weather was better, and I pushed you out to bask in the sun.

I am 23 years old ... In December my mother detected multiple myeloma ... Chemotherapy has always been good ... Then suddenly he vomited blood ... Can't walk ... I asked her if she was uncomfortable that night ... She said no ... I never saw her wake up the next day ... she seemed to be asleep ... I regretted that I hated myself.

When she was ill, she was always angry about something insignificant. Not for her. Did not take good care of her. Maybe she still thinks I hate her.

I am so guilty that I want to die. I'm so sorry for her ... I won't lose my temper again after she leaves ... Who will get used to me except she is used to me ... I will never have a chance to apologize to her ...

Mention those who leave, those who lose.

More people will be upset, regret, and think about what I would have been like in the beginning.

That if you cherish the present, cherish the people around you.

I think these are the most important things that leave us and teach us.


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