www.HG32777.com In Qingming again, how many of these beautiful Qingming poems have you read?

In Qingming again, how many of these beautiful Qingming poems have you read?

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Chinese traditional Qingming Festival customs are immersed in poetry

Classic and lively

Over time

Silent sorrow and faint sadness constitute the main tone of Qingming customs. In this day of worshiping my ancestors to remember my loved ones, I heard clearly that the Qingming verses chanted over and over again and again are full of the melody of miss.

Tang Bai Juyi's Cold Food Wild Wangyin

Wu crying and noisy trees,

Qingming Hanshi cry.

Wind blows wild paper money,

Tomb ramparts are spring grass green.

A vivid depiction of the desolate scene of the Qingming grave sweeping and memory of loved ones. In the face of life and death, why can't people be sad?

"Qing Ming" by Song Dynasty poet Gao Juyi Yiyun

Tomb fields in the north and south mountains,

The Qingming rituals were sweeping.

Paper ashes fly into white butterflies,

Tears of blood stained the red cuckoo.

It is natural to read and it makes people cry.

In the Southern Song Dynasty, Yang Wanli walked on the road to sweep the grave, and saw the weeds grow out with the wind overnight. The path that had just passed the year had disappeared. The pear blossoms grew up after the Qing Dynasty.

Spring grass breeze again,

Xinqian is gone.

Pears have been eating cold,

Just worry about the festival.

"Han Shi Shang Tzu" therefore condensed thousands of words into a "sorrow" character, expressing deeply the feelings of the author's thoughts.

However, Qingming Festival is not all sad and sad. In March of the spring and spring, the long grass warbler flies. In this season of fun and enjoyment, the joy and vitality of spring are everywhere.

,概因"万物生长此时,皆清洁而明净。"最宜外出踏青。 The Qingming Festival is also known as the "Tingqing Festival" . It is because "all things are growing clean at this time." According to research, the custom of setting foot in Qingming began in the Tang Dynasty and flourished in the Song Dynasty.

Qing moth painting fan,

Spring trees are golden red.

Offending the flower,

Return to Weak Willow Wind ...

"Clear Tomorrow" Late Tang poet Wen Tingyun depicts the early morning of Qing Tomorrow with relaxed and witty brush strokes. The moth (butterfly) flutters and the peach blossom and turmeric blossom open in competition. In this picturesque day, people go out together to see the dew. There were trembling on the petals of various colors, and the breeze came across the willow when they returned. How comfortable and comfortable everyone was in the arms of spring! In the Song Dynasty, the custom of traveling in Qingming became more and more popular.

When the southern country was in the middle of spring,

The wind and the horse hissed.

Green plums are like bean willows and eyebrows,

Dark Demon Dragon

Sun long butterfly flying.

Ouyang Xiu's "Ruan Langgui · Taqing" is a concrete manifestation of the custom of Taqing in the Song Dynasty;

Yoshihara Greenfield acted,

Spring enters Yaoshan all around.

Xingzhuan chaos red through Liuxiang,

Sleepy near the water sitting on moss.

Mo Cizhan wine is very persuasive,

I'm afraid the wind is red.

The condition is Qingming good weather,

May wish to swim and never forget to return.

Song Hao's "A Suburban is Things" also reflects the prosperity of Qing Ming in Qing Dynasty.

Ching Ming Festival is colorful and interesting.

During the Qingming Festival, the folk also carried out useful activities such as planting willows, flying kites, and swinging.

Song Chen Yunping's "Zuo Chuang Han"

Ban candle smoke,

Dongfeng cutting willow,

Thousands of households.

And "Spring Day" by Lu You in the Southern Song Dynasty

The mountain temple feeds tea and knows the rain ,

Others inserted Liu Ji Qingming.

It is the embodiment of the custom of inserting willows in the Qingming dynasty;

Song Huang

Burned before Qingming, and also under the swing of Yisang.

The splendid scene of swinging winds;

Qing Ding's

The grass long warbler flies in February, and the willow willow is drunk in spring;

The children returned early from school, and they were busy putting paper kite on the east wind.

It has become a sing-along of chanting kites.

Ching Ming Festival is broad and deep.

Huang Tingjian's Qingming in the Northern Song Dynasty is quite philosophical.

At the festival, Qingming Tao Li laughs, Noda Arazuka is only worried.

The thunder and thunder stunned the world, and the rain and grass were soft.

People begged to sacrifice Yu Jiao's daughter-in-law, and Shi Gan burned to death.

Yin Yu Qian Zai knows who it is, with eyes full of eyes.

The poet thinks of the deceased from the clear beauty,

I think of life from death, and finally the meaning of life,

It can be described as profound and thought-provoking.

Whether it is to miss the sorrowful sorrows of loved ones, the joy and joy of setting foot in the world, or to explore the grandeur and grandeur of life and death, in short, the Qingming Festival should bring us the indispensable spiritual comfort and cultural heritage of the Chinese nation.


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