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Trap (good text in depth)

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Three Swords

Yuan Mei's "Zibuyu" talked about a Cai Shusheng, saying that there is a house outside Hangzhou Beiguan that is often haunted, and he did not dare to buy it.

The family did not want to live with him, and Cai Shusheng lived in alone. That night, he read a candle to the middle of the night. When a beautiful woman came forward, a red silk was tied around his neck. When he saw Cai Shusheng, he deeply worshiped.

After worshiping, he did not rush to tie the rope between the beams of the house. After the knot was tied, he put his neck in. The woman still hung a rope beside her, summoning Cai Shusheng. Cai Shusheng knew, and stretched out one of his feet.

The woman said, "Wrong." Cai Shusheng smiled and said, "You are wrong. You are today because you were wrong. I am not wrong!" The female ghost heard this and seemed to realize that Voldemort Wept bitterly, worshiped him for two weeks, and drifted away.

The beautiful female ghost tied him a rope cover between the beams of the room, and then called him over. There may be countless versions of stories that have happened since then, but this version of Brother Cai will never be thought of.

Yes, the one he gave to the other was an indifferent foot, which made people stunned!

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In life, there are indeed some traps and traps that are designed, waiting for us to drill. Sometimes, seemingly sinister, leaving nowhere to escape. But the other way around, it's not all others are bad enough, but we are too stupid.

In this society, if you are not careful, you will be subjected to routines, so life needs a wisdom to unravel.

The wisdom of life lies in how we can better grasp every point of life, so as to avoid being trapped.

Sometimes, it is clear that moths are fighting the fire, but in the end they still have to run away on the fire, and then blame everything they encounter.

Cai Shusheng's kick seemed to be fraudulent, but it was dexterous, smooth and cute. This foot is actually an ability to deal with life.

This ability is indispensable for everyone. There is a set on the beam, but it is life, and there is a set on the heart, it is really destiny.


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