皇冠现金正网www.hg0088.com 35-year-old Prince Wen Yin married and had children? But I want to know more about her unspeakable little story with Wang Shuo ~

35-year-old Prince Wen Yin married and had children? But I want to know more about her unspeakable little story with Wang Shuo ~

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Rebirth of ladies

Yesterday, the little owner brushed Weibo and found that Wang Ziwen ran to the rice desert to play ~~~

The pictures are quite exciting, it is worthy to be a girl Wen Qing's sister

Last year's "Ode to Joy", Qu Xiaoyong was so hot ~~~ After that, she didn't have the chance to chase after the victory.

But Xiaomei is not a girl's boots without a story ~~~ Xiaozhu didn't write her before. . . Misstep

The feelings of the five sisters in "Ode to Joy" are really good, that is, a good colleague feels that can talk to each other. After the cooperation, the tears and tears of the expensive circle are very rare ~

Last month, Wang Ziwen celebrated his birthday. Jiang Xin, Liu Tao and Yang Zi duly sent birthday wishes.

Wang Ziwen and Yang Zi seem to be extraordinarily good ~ They call each other emperor and ridicule Yang Zi. If Qin Junjie's young zei bullies you, I must avenge you ~~~

Sure enough, the two girls had a good time. It seemed to outsiders as if they were engaged in lilies. But the strange thing about the young master was that at least he was familiar with both men and women. Does Wang Ziwen know Qin Junjie? ?

Carefully pull and pull, the two of them actually cooperated in the Chinese version of "Prince of Tennis"! !!  (。`Д'。)

Qin Junjie is Ryoma, Wang Ziwen is Sakura. . . Am I crossing this? . .

I didn't expect it. . This hot chicken youth idol drama actually collected a bunch of current big names, and then Lee Kill Matt Yi Feng played the supporting role of Zuo Bo

Wang Chuanjun plays Qian Zhenzhi, similar to the role of a military officer in the entire team.

But the old Xue who has been tied up with a white hair band is miserable, and his name is not even included in the TV show information ==

And kimi. . . .

It feels that good men of that year have been pulled to make this play. . .

But the zhei film was shot in 2008. Wang Ziwen Encyclopedia said that he was born in 1987 and was only 21 in a while? ? ?

Your family is 21 like this ... It looks older than it is now. . . Where is the deception !!! ????

Sure enough, I was beaten by the scraps. Oh, my sister has quietly changed her age ~~ How can I fill in the old information?

The history information of Du Niang Encyclopedia also states that he was born in 1982, and he was 5 years younger.

Especially last year, I continued to cooperate with King Wuli Kaikai in "Ode to Joy" and "If Snails Have Love".

All kinds of details were quickly pulled out. Not only did they change their age, they also falsely reported their height ~~~ In 2005, he said he was 160

The current official height is 162cm

But in the play, Yang Zi, who hates sky high, is shorter than the official 167.

Standing with the official Kai Kai Wang in flat running shoes, they succumbed to his shoulders.

In the eyes of passers-by, Wang Ziwen is between 1.5m and 55m tall. . . .

The media said she was 152. . . . [Zhu Yin lying gun

In fact, it's nothing short. Wang Ziwen will wear it, so I won't talk about the refined street photography that I usually put, and just take a still frame. Who can say that people have short legs? ?

So we do n’t hate her because she ’s a little short girl. When she looks at Liang Jingru, she talks frankly about herself.

There are some girls who change their heights. They don't think you are short, they just hate you. true. Sincerely.

In addition to changing the age to lie about the height of these little black spots, there are many who said that Xiao Wang had hidden marriage and had children. . .

It's not clear whether she got married or not, but she was photographed for a new relationship in May last year.

After changing her clothes, Lanhou went to the hot spring with the male ticket ~~~

I was picked out soon. Oh, I ’m not here. It ’s not Liu Fengyuan. I ’m a rich second-generation actor. After 14 years, I took a close photo with Wang Ziwen ’s Jiugongge.

Usually, his Weibo number is basically a little less than 100, so it's definitely convenient for Xiu Enai who secretly poked ~~ Last year, before the love was exposed, a dog tied with Wang Ziwen's famous brand was also sent.

Wang Ziwen ins also basked in the same dog! !! Even the floor is the same, so some people guess, oh, are you two getting married? ?

Xiao Wang sister ins also took a photo of them

zhei buddy is a dalian born in 1985. He is 180 in height.

Played some small roles, Gao Qiang in "Struggle", the guy who jumped off the building because he couldn't finish the job

There is also the rich second-generation friend Xizi in "The Nth Power of Home"

This can be regarded as Liu Xiaoge's true character, because he is also a rich second-generation in life, usually hobbies of golf, the piano won the British Royal College of Music Grade 8, Niu Yan!

The daily social circle also covers a lot of entertainment stars. Apart from the cooperation in the TV series, he played with Qiao Zhenyu.

Privately with the article Mayi and his wife are very close to each other.

The two ex-girlfriends of the Internet were actually insiders. . . One was Dafa Chen Yihan, and the other was Super Girl Pan Chen in 2009, who later signed the Shaolin Times

Dafa and Liu Fengyuan were not taken for a group photo. The only information available is that the netizen 同学 Mr. Liu is his friend's buddy. He was with Dafa but he separated balabala because of the separation between the two places.

With Pan Chen for the next 12 years, some netizens captured them and watched the show together.

But then it seemed that it was because the man was cheating. . After a while, the man also ran to find Shao Shidai and Pan Chen to tear up, saying that they united to deceive. . What a mess

Liu Fengyuan and Wang Ziwen knew that it should have been in the filming of the "nth power of the family" for 11 years. They are familiar with the same crew and often interact.

But there must be a rice together for a while, because Wang Ziwen was still with Wang Shuo at that time.

rxobaom Chinese

It should be 14 or 15 years later. Liu Fengyuan began to appear frequently around Wang Ziwen's life. He followed the younger sister's crew to eat and stood next to Wang Ziwen.

Let's go skiing and take a photo together at the end of the 15th, Brother Liu's hand! It's already on! !!

Last year, when the scandal was the most fierce, Brother Liu sent a Weibo post suspected to be a rumor.

Hum, anyway, Lao Fan knows the truth the most

Say "old powder" for Mao? Because Wang Ziwen has done many old works before, but almost no impression. . Now looking back, there is always a kind of "Women is actually Wang Ziwen ?!"

For example, through the movie "Sui Dynasty Visitors" stupidly blindly, or the little master's sports teacher showed the whole class to play. . . At that time, I also thought that Miss Wow's sister had turned beautiful, but I didn't expect it to be Wang Ziwen's uncle

There is also Deng Jiajia in the zhei film. . . Auntie, you couldn't think of Mao. . . What is it dressed up for? !!! ???

I have also cooperated with Wang Kai earlier, and my lines are so shameful !!!! ⁄ (⁄ ⁄ • ⁄ω⁄ • ⁄ ⁄) ⁄

King Kai Kai's first kiss on the screen! !!

then. . . .

Whoever said that the kiss scene didn't open their mouths was gay. . . Wang Kai also took the initiative to ask the director to add a Hato kiss. Hahahahaha

Comes with a KKW of green and black skin ↓↓

In 2006, I have also had a scandal when cooperating with Jia Nailiang in "Bridge of Life and Death".

But it was only a short period of time. The little girl was not sensible, so what did you think of sending a few brains? . . Wang Ziwen also said Jia Nailiang took care of her

I also had an interview together as a small couple.

But soon he was stunned, Wang Ziwen said that she prefers mature male gods, and Jia Nailiang was naive. . No matter what, it ’s not embarrassing for them to lose the same stage again ~~

Just after watching a drama she has performed before, some people say oh, Wang Ziwen's face seems different ~~~

The short chin used to be so impressive

Why is it now awkward? Also comes with open skills will shine? ?

Sister Xiaowang is not worthy of the whole owner, but she looks really good with my goddess papi sauce ~~~~~~~

I just said that Wang Ziwen and Jia Nailiang met because she wanted a mature male ticket, so did she find it? ? I'll tell you if you're my little one ~~~~

This also has something to do with her career. Later in the day, she filmed a bunch of small roles in the semi-red TV series, but she was able to play the "Tangshan Earthquake", and the wife of the big black cow

Can even play "1942"! The film is second only to Xu Fan. It is female No. 2 and directed by Feng Xiaogang.

There is also a "Men's Gang" that made her popular, and Huang Lei was in it. This drama was directed by Zhao Baogang

Carrying her two big guides, Mao Feng Xiaogang and Zhao Baogang? This requires mentioning Wang Ziwen's most important male silver, Wang Shuo

Zhao Baogang and Feng Xiaogang are both good friends of Wang Shuo

Who is Wang Shuo? Do n’t worry about it. Yes, it is Wang Shuo who was born in 58 years and wrote a book to his daughter.

But he has been out of public view for a long time, he did n’t hesitate to come out after 00 years, even his daughter ’s marriage did n’t appear.

But Wang Shuo, who was so unwilling to show his face, suddenly appeared at the end of 2006 to help Wang Ziwen's platform and accept a lot of interviews to help the girl in a lawsuit.

In a while, Wang Ziwen just graduated and signed a 15-year contract with a company under CCTV. He was distressed and met Wang Shuo at the party. How could Wang Shuo not like her? See how old Lao Xu is Up

At that time, Wang Ziwen was also called Wang Mengmeng, and Wang Shuo left a lot of wonderful quotations for Wang Ziwen ’s war reporters.

After the successful termination of the contract, Wang Ziwen signed Zhao Baogang's company "Xin Baoyuan"

Once photographed, Wang Shuo took her to meet Feng Xiaogang and talked about taking Wang Ziwen to make a movie

09 was popularly photographed with Wang Shuo's bar friends

After leaving the same car

He has also publicly expressed his support for Wang Ziwen to star in "Sui Dynasty Visitors". . . I must be very loving

There have been news in the past 10 years. Wang Ziwen, who was in the meeting, appeared as a "Little Girlfriend of Wang Shuo".

Wang Ziwen is quite open about this relationship, and there is no taboo in mentioning Wang Shuo. The most classic is the inner sentence "Wang Shuo is my spiritual pillow."

Mentioning Lao Xu didn't have any taboos, saying "Lao Xu has a good relationship with him ... he calls himself Jia Baoyu, anyway, I know Wang Shuo has many girlfriends"

But in 2013 and 14 after saying this, Wang Ziwen suddenly disappeared, and there are reports that she gave birth to Wang Shuo. . .

Around the Spring Festival in 15 years, a popular woman who was photographed suspecting Wang Ziwen came back with a one-year-old child. . . [Supposed to be a beautiful face, but this looks nothing like Wang Ziwen. . .

But is it her child? Who is the child's father? None of these have been confirmed, and Wang Ziwen has never responded to these matters. . .

In terms of Wang Ziwen's relationship with Wang Shuo, her relationship with Wang Shuo is really not the name of who is standing next to whom, and the youth who covets her, they are openly recognized by each other.

They are more like a collision between Lao Wenqing and Xiao Wenqing. What is Wen Qing? Equal spiritual communication is enough. Who cares about age?

Anyway, the past is gone, and now Wang Ziwen is no longer Wang Mengmeng, and he wants to run non-stop in the direction of the fashion icon

A pair is bound to do their best in the show. . . Then bless you with wine today and drunk today, don't you lose Shaohua for a while ~~~~ Bye bye (^ _ ^) / ~~

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