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Someone @ 你 | Your first ticket in your life

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Uncle crossing the encounter with a wolf

April 3, 2017

期 Starry Drama Village No. 986

she was 因为我太年轻,太穷,太纯洁,而且也太不幸了。 : Sorry, I don't have the habit of talking to strangers, because I am too young, too poor, too pure, and too unfortunate. I dream of a heart that understands my pain. Excuse me , do you still pursue in your life? I ask you this question to wonder if I am eligible to sit by your side.

:我很想理解您的痛苦,其实,我也很不幸。 He : I would love to understand your pain, but in fact, I am unfortunate.

Although very unfortunate, I pursue happiness and use ridiculous love in the eyes of others.

This is the moment when Miss Ghost and Mr. Bandage meet in Yan Yongqi's urban fantasy drama "One Touch of Love".

The most important moment in his and her life is

A park bench

From this moment on, he and she are no longer the vaguely so-and-so in the crowd. From this moment on, their ordinary lives finally seem so rich and wonderful because of each other's existence. If I cross everything and go to eternity, You are my banner, my unforgettable heroic dream in my humble life

One Touch Love


Love, marriage, having children, flying yellow Tengda, death or brutality, homicide, sexual harassment, all your unexpected life adventures and love fantasies come one after another in an hour and a half stories, suspenseful layers, and the life of a person has all changed. Probably so, just at the moment of this encounter.

Hong Kong writer Tao Jie once said: "When you are old, when you look back on your life, you will find: when you go abroad to study, when do you decide to start your first career, when do you choose someone to fall in love with, and when do you get married? It was a great change in destiny. But at the time when I was standing at the Sancha Road, I saw that the day when you made your choice was quite dull and ordinary in the diary. I thought it was an ordinary day in my life. But a great change, It has happened. "

GET! And this moment is perhaps one of the most important moments in life , because the first ticket in your life can get GET for free here! 次与 First time with Mo 的相约看剧就在繁星伍剧场发生! The meeting of the strangers to watch the drama happened in the Fanxingwu Theater!

And now! 揭晓 究竟哪些人获得了人生中第一张臆想双人剧票以及第一次与陌生人相约看剧的机会! We will immediately reveal who actually got the first tickets to the show and the first chance to meet with strangers to watch the show!

- - - - - -----Highlights-----

Winners announced


@Mr. Lee



@ 看 山 is not a mountain

True Eye of the Evil King

@ 喻 水果

@ 爱吃 Salad's Lion

@ 万万 个 星星

The first double ticket in life

To those who have never watched a fantasy drama but want to know more about him

Welfare repertoire

臆 Imagine the duo "One Touch Love"

Director: Yan Yongqi

Starring: Zhou Xiaoling, Kang Tongge, Liu Qi, Wei Wei

(The actual performance is mainly based on the information of the day)

Performance information

Venue: Wuxing Theater

Performance time: April 1st-June 4th

9日,下午15 :00 Tickets for the event: April 9th , 15:00 pm

Activity process

(14: 00-15: 00 on April 9)

13: 30-14: 00 Box office collection

14: 00-14: 15 Follow the prompts to find another person, take a selfie, exchange gifts (optional)

14: 15-14: 40 Visit the park, play games, take a 10-second short video of your favorite park and send it to the circle of friends

14:40 -14: 55 sit and take pictures

15: 00-16: 30 Watch the show

16: 30-16: 40 End of the show, interview and cooperate with writing a long drama review

"City of Philharmonic" on stage

For love

Everyone has illusions, desires, possessions, lost rights

"One Touch of Love" tells the story of two little people at the bottom of society, meeting on a park bench. The two start from telling a legend to a crazy imagination of the future: love, marriage, having children, flying yellow, and even dying. Their ordinary lives are destined to be so rich and exciting because of the other's existence. Brutality, homicide, sexual harassment, all your unexpected life adventures, love cravings come one after another in an hour and a half story, suspenseful layers, this pair of men and women quickly complete the love rapture of life in this almost crazy hormone secretion .

Extremely simple stage scene design, weird performance style, linguistic linguistic language progression, and the rhythm of gagging will deepen imaginative love to the extreme. Thinking about the topic of serious life in laughter is the charm that the urban fantasy drama brings to us, and also the drama shock that the starry drama village hopes to bring to the viewers.

----Biu ~ Biu ~ Biu----

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