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"Old Jute Stamps Complete Set" Come and see

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Jiang Boyo

   When it comes to old stamps, people who do not collect stamps may not know it at all, but people who collect stamps are full of emotion. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, a total of 494 commemorative stamps and 511 special stamps were issued by China (all including reissue tickets, "Northeast Post" tickets, toothless tickets and leaflets, leaflets). In the 1950s and 1960s, philatelists rarely paid for new stamps. Gite stamps were mainly used for postal communications at the time, so collecting letters for cancellation was relatively easy. If the number of philatelic people is 1 million at that time, the circulation of many stamps is between six and seven million or even tens of millions, which is very large at that time.

   Due to the large number of Lao Jite tickets deposited in the communication, in the mid-to-late 1980s, when many postmen went back and looked for Lao Jite's new tickets, they felt that their new tickets had a pitiful amount. Even if it is a letter of sale of the whole product, some of them can only be found by breaking through iron shoes. And big tickets like "Mei Lanfang Stage Art", "Huangshan Scenery", "Goldfish", "Peony", "Chrysanthemum", "Butterfly", etc., are more difficult to collect one by one. Between 40,000 and 40,000 leaflets and leaflets have become rare treasures.

   Ji 1 "Celebrating the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference", issued on October 8, 1949, is the first set of stamps and the first set of commemorative post-posts since the founding of New China; special 1 "National Emblem" issued on October 1, 1951 It is the first set of special stamps in the history of stamps in New China; there is also the first set of toothless tickets in New China, and so on. The stamps of this period have many firsts in the history of the issuance of New China stamps, and they are mostly written by outstanding masters. Popular topics are frequent and are extremely precious to fans. Rich subject matter and beautifully designed pictures have given Lao Jite stamps a very rich connotation.

   Lao Jite tickets have been issued for a long time, and their subject matter is extremely extensive and their designs are more exquisite. However, the printing level of Lao Jite tickets is far from that of today's stamps. It has been said that one of the reasons why Lao Jite tickets have not received market attention in recent years is that their printing quality is not good, but I think that the majority of Lao Jite tickets are printed with engraving, but they have a simple flavor. Although it has a wide range of subject matter and antique characteristics, it is obviously neglected in the current post market that is new and not old. Compared with some stamps issued in the future, some varieties of Lao Jite tickets have The price is also significantly lower. For example, the market price of the Ji 30 Constitution, which was issued on December 30, 1954, was 8 million, and the market price was less than 4 yuan. Although the old special ticket is almost becoming a historical relic, at present, the prices of many varieties have not risen to the expected price, and the first and second sets of RMB in the same era as the old special ticket are in recent times. During the year, however, the market continued to receive attention, and the prices of many varieties rose against the trend. The author believes that the value of Lao Jite stamps cannot be ignored. With the passage of time and the enhancement of people's collection concepts, the golden age of Lao Jite ticket collection will eventually come, and those who bought Lao Jite tickets at a low level in advance will also Will eventually get a good return.

Collection directory:

Ji 1 celebrates the first plenary session of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference

Ji 2 Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference

Commemoration of the 3rd World Federation of Asian and Australian Trade Unions

Commemoration of the Founding of the 4th People's Republic of China

Ep. 5 Defending World Peace (Group I)

6th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China

Of the First National Postal Conference

Ji 8 Commemorates the Signing of the China-Soviet Friendship Alliance Interactive Treaty

The 9th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China

Ji 10 Defending World Peace (Group 2)

Ji 11 Lu Xun's 50th Anniversary

The 12th Anniversary of the Jintian Uprising of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom

Ji 13 peaceful liberation of Tibet

14 International Conference on the Protection of Children

15 International Labor Day

15th Anniversary of the Anti-Japanese War

The 17th Anniversary of the People's Liberation Army

Celebrates Regional Peace Conference for Asia and the Pacific

Ji 19th Anniversary of the Chinese People's Volunteer Army Coming Overseas

Shooting games

Of the 35th Anniversary of the Great October Revolution

21 celebrates International Women's Day

Ji 22 Anniversary of Marx's Birth

Chapter 23 The Seventh National Congress of Chinese Trade Unions

Ji 24 Defending World Peace (Group III)

Ji 25 World Cultural Celebrities

30th Anniversary of the Death of Ji 26 Phyl Ilenin

27th anniversary of the death of Jovi Stalin

28th Commemoration of the Opening of the Exhibition on the Achievements of the Soviet Union in Economic and Cultural Construction

29th First National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China

30 Constitution of the People's Republic of China

Special 1 National Emblem

Special 2 Land Reform

Special 3 Great Motherland-Dunhuang Murals (Group 1)

Special 4 radio gymnastics

Special 5 Great Motherland-Construction (Second Group)

Special 6 Great Motherland-Dunhuang Murals (Group III)

Special 7 Great Motherland-Ancient Inventions (Group 4)

Special 8 economic construction

Special 9 Great Motherland-Ancient Relics (Group 5)

Special 10 seamless steel pipe plant and large-scale steel rolling plant

Special 11 technological innovation

Special 12 new 220,000 volt ultra high voltage power transmission line

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