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A poetic Chihiro waterfall, April days in all ages

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Fifty years of Zhengde

April 1st is April Fool's Day, and also the day when the generation of talented female Lin Huiyin died. Those who have loved will remember. Will not forget her because she left forever.

On March 31, 1955, when Lin Huiyin entered the dying, Liang Sicheng came to her bed, at this time there was no trace of blood on her face. Liang Sicheng burst into tears and muttered to himself: "You suffer, emblem, suffer, you really suffer!"

In the early morning of April 1, Lin Huiyin died, and Jin Yuelin could not help crying. At Lin Huiyin's memorial service, Jin Yuelin's tears did not stop, and sent her a couplet: a poetic Chihiro waterfall, April days in the world. She is gone, she will always be sealed in April days, and will always remain in the hearts of those who love her.


I would rather turn into a leaf,

Let the wind and rain drift everywhere;

Or a flowing cloud, in the clear blue sky,

No more involvement with the earth.

But hold on to the sad sign,

To meet unsettled puppets;

At dusk, night shift, stomping,

All emptiness, no tenderness;

Forget this world; you

Mourn who has ever been in love;

Fall like flowers, forget to go

The emotions in these tears.

By that day nothing will remain,

Less breath than a flash

Traces, you have to forget me too

Once lived in this world.

You are april on earth

I said you are the April day on earth;

The laughter lit up the wind; lightness

Dance and change in the glory of spring.

You are the cloud smoke in the early days of April,

The soft wind blowing in the dusk

Inadvertently flashes, drizzle in front of flowers.

That light, that you Tingting, Xianyan

The crown of flowers you wear, you are

Naive, majestic, you are the full moon every night.

The goose yellow after snowing, you look like; fresh

The bud green, you are; tender and joyful

The water is floating, your dream is looking forward to Bailian.

You are a tree-by-tree blossom, a swallow

Whispering between beams, you are love, warm,

Hope, you are the April day on earth!

August's sorrow

White ducks swim in the yellow water pond,

The sorghum stem oil green is just too high,

How to insert this beating heart,

A narrow road in the field, this sadness in August?


It was washed by rain last night, hills

Leave another shadow in the sun;

The sheep followed the sheep into the village,

A well under the shade of a tree is like a heart!

No one ever said anything in August,

Summer has passed, and it is not autumn.

But I looked at the ridge, the melon on the earth wall,

I still don't understand how life is related to dreams.

That night

That night my ship launched the river heart,

The clear blue sky holds dense stars.

That night you held my hand,

The lost starry night blocked the heavy sorrow.

That night you and I set the direction,

Each of them recognized what life was like.


To this day my boat is still floating on the sea,

Weak masts often shake in the wind.

To this day the sun is only hovering behind me,

Layers of shadows stay around me.

To this day I still remember that night,

Starlight, tears, white waterfront!

To this day I still miss your farming on the shore:

Red flowers yellow flowers are vivid.


That day I hope to go to the top,

Honey usually produces the nourishment of that memory.

That day i will step on a winged arrow,

Watching a full string shot in your garden.

That day you will hear bird-like singing,

That is my awaiting your appreciation.

That day you will see the messy flowers and shadows,

That was when I broke into the border of that year!


Intermittent music, most beautiful or gentle

Night, with the stars of the day.

On the stalk of memory, who does n’t have

A couple of flowers and flowers

Nameless expansion

Wild lotus citron,

Moonlight in the quiet of each petal.

Wind blows over the lake, hair is messed up, or

The water surface was wrinkled like fish scales.

The vastness on all sides is like a dream

Rippling past in the center

No trace, no one

Know the picture,

Reflection of memories sinking underwater!

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