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Let's get pregnant | If you want to be "pregnant", you must first ask "aunt"

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Every woman has a "relative", that is, the "big aunt" who visits regularly every month. However, this "relative" is a guy with a weird personality, either when he came, or when he was gone, or when he looked wrong, it was really a big deal.

In order to have a good "pregnancy", you must first ask the "big aunt" to disagree. Once "auntie said no"-changes in menstruation, the effort of this month is estimated to be wasted, and it will even affect the creation of the next month.

Hey, why is it so difficult to get pregnant? Today, let's talk to you about those things like preparing for pregnancy and menstruation.

Every month, a normal woman's ovaries release an egg. If the egg encounters sperm in the fallopian tube, the sperm and sperm are combined into a fertilized egg and then implanted in the uterus. At this time, the abundant blood vessels on the endometrium will provide nutrients for the fertilized eggs, like a soft and comfortable "bed", which gives birth to new life.

If the egg does not meet the sperm, the egg will be discharged from the body with the shed endometrium, which forms menstruation. Under normal circumstances, most women have a menstrual period of 3-7 days, a menstrual volume of 50-80 mL, and a menstrual cycle of 21-35 days.

Too much or too little menstruation will make pregnancy difficult

The amount of menstruation usually reflects the thickness of the endometrium. Generally, when the thickness of the endometrium is more than 8mm, the probability of successful pregnancy will greatly increase.

If the endometrium is too thin (less than 6mm), it will increase the difficulty for women to become pregnant. Because the endometrium is thin, implantation of fertilized eggs becomes difficult. Even if the endometrium is implanted, it is difficult to provide adequate nutritional support for the thinner endometrium, and abortion is likely to occur at this time.


Excessive menstrual flow can also affect pregnancy. There are many reasons for excessive menstrual flow. Common causes may include reproductive system infections, endometriosis, gynecological tumors, and even ectopic pregnancy (ie, ectopic pregnancy) .

Long or short menstrual cycles are also not conducive to pregnancy

If the menstrual cycle exceeds 35 days, it will affect the speed of egg development and reduce egg quality. When poor-quality eggs are combined with sperm to form a fertilized egg, the risk of chromosomal abnormalities in the fertilized egg during division will increase, which may cause fetal malformation or abortion.

If the menstrual cycle is shorter than 21 days, it often means that women have problems such as poor egg development, insufficient luteal function, and premature luteal decline, which may lead to miscarriage and affect normal pregnancy.

Menstruation time is not in the normal range, pregnancy will become more difficult

If the menstrual period is shorter than 3 days or longer than 7 days, the pregnancy will be adversely affected. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to whether certain underlying diseases are "scratching", such as abnormal estrogen secretion, luteal atrophy or luteal dysfunction, pelvic inflammation, endometritis, endometriosis and so on.

Therefore, women should pay special attention to their "big aunts", take good care of them, not careless. If you find any abnormalities in your menstrual period, please go to a regular hospital as soon as possible.

In life, it is necessary to work and rest, balance the diet, relax, and exercise appropriately to maintain the normal operation of the body and normal endocrine function. Naturally, menstruation will return to normal. Being good to "big aunt" means being good to yourself, then "good pregnancy" will follow!

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