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When a baby is born, how many pounds is most appropriate?

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Do you remember being swiped by a piece of news in early March?

"13.4 Jin! Xi'an mother gives birth to overweight baby "

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Obediently, Xiaorun's birth weight is 6 pounds. This baby's birth weight is more than twice that of Xiaorun.

Many people know that babies are too heavy and not good. Mothers should pay attention to weight control during pregnancy and cannot blindly "tonic" blow the balloons, especially in the third trimester.

The birth weight of your baby is best controlled at 5-8 pounds. If the baby is too heavy, it will be more difficult for the mother to give birth, and the baby will have a higher risk of obesity, hypertension, diabetes and other diseases as an adult.


How much weight gain during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the best weight gain for pregnant women is about 11 kg. Normal pregnant women gain about 0.5 kg per month during the first 3 months of pregnancy. Thereafter, weight gain should not exceed 2 kg per month, and not exceed 0.5 kg per week. From July to August, the rate of weight gain begins to slow down.


How to control diet in the third trimester

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In the third trimester, that is, after 7 months, the weight of the fetus increases rapidly. During this period, pregnant women need to nourish qi, nourish blood, nourish yin, and the total nutritional increase is 20% to 40% before pregnancy.

Vegetarian foods generally contain more vitamins and nutrients. But such foods are generally deficient in taurine. Without taurine, children's electroretinograms can be abnormal. Most animal foods contain taurine. To ensure adequate intake, some animal foods should be eaten.

Therefore, the types of food that pregnant women eat should be diversified, mixed with meat and vegetables, mixed with coarse and fine grains, and mixed with staple foods, and this mix must be appropriate. Non-staple food can choose: milk, eggs, legumes, poultry, lean meats, fish and shrimps, and vegetables and fruits.

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