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Marketing | Time left by consumers: only 20 seconds

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There is always a small number of consumers, and a handful of products and brands, successfully complete a positive interaction and establish deep connections. But the cruel truth is that most consumers neither care nor interact with brands. They just buy and buy.

–13秒。 With consumers online and offline, the brand has only –13 seconds. Yes, consumers buy an item offline for an average of 13 seconds. The data is based on research on a large number of consumer buying behaviors.

–19 seconds. Online shopping may be a little better. Consumers spend an average of 19 seconds deciding to buy online; among them, a small number of people become "seckill experts" in 10 seconds.

It's not an exaggeration. The simple fact is that for most categories, consumers already have a list of acceptable brands in their minds, and they don't need to spend more time completing purchase decisions.

How do consumers decide what to buy?

Inertia is very easy to understand (I have bought this brand), but what is "intuition" that leads to purchase? Intuition is that a simple brand comes into view. The University of South Australia Institute called it "mental availability." For example, the image pattern on a brand's logo, or a slogan specific to a product.

Finding ways to increase the number and length of brand-related recall structures is key to the brand's spiritual availability.

Is it fast or slow to buy?

In Thinking, Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman describes two very different but equally effective human thinking modes: fast thinking and slow thinking.

" Think fast", as the name suggests, did not realize how we make decisions when making decisions, without even paying too much energy, not thinking. It's as if you don't think too much about buying toilet paper. The evolutionary advantage that humans formed naturally in the dangerous environment during the ancient evolution.

"Slow thinking" is also interesting, which means that we think about a thing for a long time and it is difficult to make decisions. It's like you're doing an algebraic equation. This mode of thinking, although slow, is extremely valuable for complex and challenging problems that require a lot of energy to solve.

Most consumers' purchasing decisions start with a "quick thinking" model. In other words, our brain defaults to automatic and unconscious behavior when making purchase decisions, and our decisions are influenced by the brand ’s memory structure from quantity to depth in our minds, including brand advertising, of course, there are also some other elements .

Shopping in quick thinking mode, the role of advertising

In fact, what can advertisers do?

First, make sure your value information is different and better than your competitors.

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Second, focus on constructing both strategic and executive strategic structures. The more, the better.

Third, maximize reach. If the target consumer does not receive your advertising message, the memory structure cannot be constructed.

Fourth, to ensure the continuity of media playback. Advertising memory fades with time.

20 seconds for a brand

The fact that brands are dispensable for consumers is saddening most marketers. In fact, for most consumers, buying is largely a habitual, unconscious process, and they want to end it as soon as possible because there are more important things to think about, and there is too much social information and social affairs.

Brand owners seize the 20 seconds of consumer purchase decisions, and use storytelling and creative methods to deepen the brand ’s exclusive memories from the frequency and depth of consumers, allowing them to quickly associate brands.

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