www.hg559c.com If you are bored in the city, go to live in the countryside. There is always one in the ancient village of Zhejiang that makes you want to go.

If you are bored in the city, go to live in the countryside. There is always one in the ancient village of Zhejiang that makes you want to go.

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How many people have this idea. When you are tired and tired, look for a small town to enjoy your life; one tea, one meal, one porridge, one dish, stay with one person, no network, no cell phone, Don't bother others, and don't want to be disturbed.

Maybe it ’s extravagant, maybe it ’s not. If you plan to go to a small town with pleasant scenery for a few days to live slowly, if you want to meet with him in a certain town, then these ancient towns in Lishui always have One that makes you can't help but set out to leave.

Dagangtou Town (Liandu)

A beautiful town known as a "painting town"

Dagangtou Town is located in Guyan Huaxiang Scenic Area. It is leisurely and natural here. When you want to have a slow time, go to Guyan Huaxiang!

Vacation and create here, feel the wonderland on earth that created the "Barbizon School"!

Xiazhang Village (Longquan)

Letters from millennia ago

The village has a population of hundreds and a small population, and after thousands of years, the small orange-red houses are even more charming against the blue sky. It is a paradise on earth that can be visited all year round.

Khaokeng Village (Qingtian)

The most beautiful hard village

Here is quiet and elegant, green and secluded. These millennium ancient houses built with stones are still preserved, and it seems that you can feel the vicissitudes when walking on the grassy path in the countryside.

Shipu Village (Yunhe)

Ship Bang Ancient Town

Above the ten-mile Yunhe River, the paddles are full of waves and the sails are full of shadows. In addition to the famous "Shimp Gang Ancient Town", Shipu Village has hundreds of acres of flowers and is a real fairy tale.

Daji Village (Qingyuan)

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The mysterious "Jinshi Village"

There are allusions in the road of Daji Village, and the bridge has legend. Ancient plaques, steles, and wall carvings can be seen everywhere. In this small village with less than 300 people in history, from the two years of Song Renzong ’s Tiansheng (1024) to Song Lizong ’s Baoyou ’s four years (1256), scholars and non-Jin scholars who came into the career path have appeared one after another. With more than a hundred people, it has the reputation of "Jinshi Village".

Huzhen Town (Jinyun)

Changshou Village, Millennium Town

There are thousands of ancient roads, old streets and old houses, Jiusong Temple built in the Five Dynasties, Huiming Temple in the Song Dynasty, landscaping academies, ancient kiln sites in Daxitan, the residential buildings of the Jiujin Hall in the Qing Dynasty, and the Xianmu Bridge. Ancient building with a long history. There is also the magnificent Dragon Gate Flying Waterfall.

Wangcunkou Town (Suichang)

The "red" ancient town of White Walled Dewa

After Kangxi (1662-1722) of the Qing Dynasty, it was densely populated and trade was flourishing. It is a perennial port on the upper reaches of the Wuxi River, a port for collecting bamboo, firewood, and charcoal, and the main road from Minpu to Yinzhou. At that time, most of the residents had the surname of Wang, that is, the first section of the Wuxi River was Wangxi, and it was called Wangcunkou.

Chenghui Village (Songyang)

Taoyuan Wonderland as described by the poet

In the valley surrounded by the mountains, a series of houses are staggered on the lush circular terraces. The earthy yellow walls and black roofs are in the embrace of the verdant terraces. The terraces are surrounded by green bamboo, and the green bamboo is surrounded by green plants of different shades.

Dongnong Village (Jingning)

Guzhai, where the Qiang culture condenses

Folk folk songs, ribbon weaving, straw weaving, ancestral worship, and farming culture of the Dai people are not only “living cultural relics” of the Dai culture but also representatives of the intangible cultural heritage of the Dai people. The white-walled eaves of the Dewa dwellings are used as a base. In the ancient village like a landscape painting, blue sky, white clouds, and culture have become ornaments. This breathtaking view has become a good place to keep your eyes and mind, so that tourists who come will be intoxicated.

Climb to the top of the mountain in the morning, go down to the market to buy vegetables and fruits, cook and clean. After reading a book in the afternoon, drinking and chatting under the apricot tree at night, until the moonlight and dew are cool. In the dream, I walked to the empty valley where the rock fern was lush, and the sound of birds was crisp, and we fell asleep under the tree together. Waking up was quiet.


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