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My husband took his sister home, I took care of it for half a year, but I was crazy when I saw her portfolio

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I was a rural girl who was admitted to a university when the college entrance examination, but my parents said that there was no money, so I stopped reading.

I know they are partial to my brother who wants to leave the money to my freshman in high school, so he sent me to work outside to earn money.

Later, I entered the factory and worked in an electronics factory for three years. During that period, half of my monthly salary was given to my parents, and my brother was only admitted to a third-rate university because of poor grades.

At that time there was a new senior supervisor in the factory. He looked like 30 years old. Many unmarried female colleagues in the dormitory were discussing the new supervisor at night.

What struck me was that the new supervisor caught my eye and started pursuing me.

He chased me for a whole month before I promised him.

We have been dating for more than a year and he agreed to propose to me, and I agreed, and the others were very nice.

We only got married half a day and he suddenly brought a woman home and said it was his sister. He was accidentally abducted when he was a kid. He didn't get it back until two years ago. He lived in his hometown before. I took it from my hometown and had a meal with my parents, even if it was a drink, so I haven't been to his hometown and I haven't seen his sister.

I distressed his sister's experience and my husband deliberately told me not to mention the abduction of my aunt, she had a shadow in her heart.

My aunt has a bad temper, and she also has depression. She hides at home all day and does not want to see strangers. She often loses her temper for no reason.

Song Qian, we are married

Seeing her like this, I sympathize with her and took care of her for half a year.

The husband also took care of the aunt, and the aunt was still very sticky to her husband. The aunt often noisy to sleep with her husband. The husband explained that their brother and sister often slept together when they were young.

I understand.

Until one day I received a courier. I opened the package and saw it very tightly. After opening the package, I saw a file. I opened it to see it!

I'm crazy after reading!

It turns out that the aunt is not her husband's sister at all and his ex-wife! He was married in his hometown because his ex-wife became pregnant and had difficulty giving birth, so he couldn't give birth later. His parents forced him to divorce, and his ex-wife also suffered depression!

Husband, he never mentioned to me that he was married and lied to me that his ex-wife was his sister. The person I took good care of for half a year was actually his ex-wife.

I was really mad and smashed everything in the house.

When my husband went home, he saw the files falling on the ground, and he frankly begged me to forgive him!

How could I forgive him! He deceived me for half a year. If I didn't find it, he would keep hiding from me!

I want to divorce him, right?

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