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How much does the image of the mother affect the child? It's time to reflect on yourself 0402

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Someone once said, "The race of a nation is the race of mothers." For young children, the behavior and role of mothers are more obvious, more prominent, and more important. Because children are born a blank piece of paper, young children Curiosity, learning ability, and imitation are the strongest periods in life, so mothers ’preferences and behaviors are intentionally or unintentionally imitated by children, and even the mother ’s speaking tone will be copied.

Mother's qualities influence children's life

The education and life experience a person receives from birth to primary school is the basis of a lifetime. Children at this stage mainly live at home and receive home education. Children spend more time with their mothers at home. Every detail of mother-child interaction, from mother breastfeeding her child to dressing, eating, living, and doing things, constitutes a cultural whole, and this whole affects children for life. Endless.

Mother's behavior is a role model for children

Since the child is born a blank piece of paper, curiosity, learning ability, and imitation are the strongest periods in life. Therefore, the mother's preferences and behaviors will be intentionally or unconsciously imitated by the child, even the mother speaks. The tone of the child will be copied. The so-called children are not only the looks, but also the words and deeds.

The mother loves reading, and the child also likes to flip through the books; the mother is hardworking and loves to work, and the child is always behind; the mother likes playing mahjong, and the child is most familiar with the mahjong card; dirty words……

After finishing a home tutoring lecture, a mother asked me, "My daughter is still in kindergarten, and she pays too much attention to dressing up. Every morning, because of what clothes to wear, the delay is too long. It is also very fussy to buy clothes, shoes and socks. It only works with her. I also asked her to put on makeup every day, but it did n’t work a little. How can such a small child do? ”“ Did you spend a lot of time thinking about makeup and dressing? ”She said,“ I am, but she is very young, so do n’t need it. ”“ Because she ’s very young, I have heard and watched your obsession every day in dress and dress, so whether you use it or not, I follow the imitation. So I thought Ask her not to do this. You have to pay less attention in this area and don't face the child to do these things for a long time. "

Moms always want their children to learn from themselves and not to learn badly. In fact, the opposite is often the disadvantages are learned quickly and the advantages are learned slowly, and even the disadvantages are learned. The advantages are not learned. Therefore, as mothers, we, With a child, you must cleanse yourself and improve your bad words and deeds in order to set an example for your child and further educate her.

The quality of the mother determines the personality of the child

A person's qualities include physical qualities, scientific and cultural qualities, and ideological and moral qualities. Personality traits are: self-love, self-respect, self-confidence, conviction, persistence, knowing what responsibility is and can learn to take it. A person's diploma and money cannot represent his qualities and personality qualities, but are reflected in his dealings with others.

As a mother, whether you can treat your parents-in-law kindly will determine whether your child will know how to give back to her parents in order to contribute to society. Whether a mother treats her relatives, friends and neighbors kindly determines whether her child is caring or selfish? Therefore, the kindness and love of the mother is the key to achieving a good interpersonal relationship and career platform for the child. The mother's vision and mind determine whether the child's future is great and whether she has a broad mind?

A boy was beaten in a kindergarten. When the mother knew it, she ran to the kindergarten and beat the child who beat her son away. It happened that the teacher went to the toilet and came back from the toilet to know about it. A pair of boys had a dispute while playing downstairs. The mothers of the two sides started quarreling and scolding. The quarrel had not ended. The two children had played together again. One of the mothers saw it and yelled at his son and refused to play with him. Holding the child's hand, scolding in his mouth, he left the scene hummingly. A mother buys vegetables, and her daughter puts garlic heads into the mother's cloth pocket one by one. The vegetable seller saw the child and said that the child was silent. The mother said, "She plays, I only took one." There are many such cases.

On the surface, our moral flaws and misconduct do not interfere with family life, but children are often the shadow of adults. If the mother is kind and gentle, knows how to manage the family's finances, is willing to help others, optimistic and cheerful, can take care of small losses, and has the courage to bear, then this way of thinking and good habits will be passed on to her children implicitly. Pass on the culture in the interaction of the two generations, guide the child to understand the whole world step by step, and make good words and deeds a habit of the child.

Mother's learning attitude determines children's academic performance

This is not to say that the mother urges the child to study, find a good school for him, ask tutors for high tuition fees, but whether the mother is actively studying? Willing to change, not afraid of failure, dare to take risks and try to innovate, be good at persisting, the child has heard and witnessed his mother ’s practice Naturally, I will work hard to study the culture class, boldly raise my hand to answer the question, I will not ask the teacher and classmates, overcome difficulties, and have good grades.

Mothers don't cherish time and work hard at home. They pay attention to dressing and playing mahjong. It is also difficult for children to fight for the day and night, to be active, to learn to progress and grow.

When I was giving lectures on tutoring, the majority of the lectures came from mothers. Individual mothers were sitting in front, carrying pens and books, and preparing to record, which was good. Many parents are sitting at the back, and some people are standing at the door. There are stools that do not sit. The organizer repeatedly invites everyone to sit in front, which often has little effect. At this time, I will tell you, "As parents, we always want our children to sit in the first three rows in the classroom. The results of the lectures are good. If they ca n’t sit, they will ask the teacher to adjust their seats again. Today you came to listen to me For family education method lessons, should we also sit forward and set an example for our children? I will take the lead here to applaud the parents who are sitting in front of me! "This way we can fill up the front seats.

This is a manifestation of a learning attitude. It is not expensive to listen to my tutor lecture. It is a rare and good thing that everyone at the door will provide lectures for everyone. Everyone has people who do not come to the lecture. It can be said that the mother ’s attitude towards tutoring lectures indicates her learning attitude. Only when the mother is proactive in learning, the child can achieve good grades.

A mother asked me what my child did not like to learn. I asked the mother, "How long do you read and read newspapers every day?" "Not a minute." "You subscribe to newspapers and magazines for yourself every year. How much is the money? "" No penny. Teacher Zhou, I still study? I just did n’t study hard when I was young. Now I ca n’t make money outside, and I ca n’t be a home at home. Do n’t be like I am now. ”I said,“ You do n’t have a minute, you do n’t have a penny. You do n’t think you need to learn. How can your child like to learn? ”We do n’t understand. We can listen to radio and watch TV. Study, you can ask the child with an open mind, you can sit with the child and patiently accompany the child to do homework, you can ensure that the home is quiet, the lights are bright, and you can encourage and comfort the child ...

Therefore, when we blame our children for not studying well, think back carefully, do we as mothers set an example for our children? What we ask our children to do, do we do it ourselves? As mothers, we must use our own Morality builds virtues for children's growth.

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