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Modern and simple style, do you like it?

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Underworld handsome

living room

The living room uses a lot of solid wood skin materials, mainly to alleviate the deserted feeling of the cement zone, and also injected more natural beauty into the entire living room.

The simple and stylish sofa, as well as the map on the background wall of the sofa, are the design highlights of this case. The map represents the owner's travel memories.


The restaurant still uses a lot of solid wood materials to enhance the warmth of the entire space. The storage cabinet next to it has become a highlight of the entire space. What do you think? I usually feel that my wife spends money all day and has improved her taste!

Shippuyokutsu 6.0

Master bedroom


There were a lot of disputes about the design of this study at the time, and it was finally set as a multi-functional study.

Second bedroom

Ganzhou Famous Worker Decoration (GZmg1569)

Spider pond