hg233330 com Have you mastered the intent of reviewing these five material compositions? (Part 2)

Have you mastered the intent of reviewing these five material compositions? (Part 2)

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Fourth, progressive

The characteristic of this material is that the content of several materials constitutes a progressive relationship. The method is to first determine the connotation of each material, identify the hierarchical relationship of the material connotation, and then summarize a comprehensive and correct viewpoint.

Example 7: Read the following materials and write as required.

1. Poet Gu Cheng has a famous poem: "When you look at the clouds, I feel very close, when you look at me, I feel very far." This is the separation between people. The idiom has the word "close to the horizon", which means that although close at hand, it is as far as the end of the earth.

2. There is a stone monument on the seashore of Hainan Province. The letter "Tianya Haijiao" is where people often say "Tianya". Now the plane arrives within a few hours. The United States seems to be the end of the world on the other side of the earth, but satellite TV suddenly brought it to us. This is the power of modern technology, which has shortened the distance of our living space relatively. No wonder there is a saying about the global village.


The first material can be the end of the world from a psychological perspective, which is because of the spiritual barrier between people. The second material can be the end of the world from a scientific perspective, because of the power of technological progress. Cut into the square from these two angles when writing. If we can start with "distance and distance are relative and conditional", it is even better.

Five, comprehensive

The characteristics of this material are that there are multiple logical relationships between the connotations of multiple materials, and materials that may interfere with the thinking of students. When examining the questions, you need to analyze the connotation of the materials one by one, clearly identify the relationship between the materials, eliminate the interference items, and then conclude a comprehensive and correct viewpoint.

Example 8: Screen the following materials and discuss the composition in connection with the actual situation.

1. During the Warring States Period, King Zhao implemented the Hu Fu riding and shooting policy.  

2. Emperor Qin Shihuang started construction, built a house, and built the Great Wall.

3. Wang Zhaojun of the Han Dynasty went out of the confines to implement the reunification policy for imperialism.

4. Lu Xun wrote "Bring Doctrine" on how to deal with foreign cultural issues.

5. China's current reform and opening up policy.

6. In the Qing Dynasty, the country was shut down, and after it did not work, it pursued glory and betrayal.


This question focuses on training to find internally-connected things from a variety of materials, and to choose a point of argument based on actual life to establish the point of argument.

In terms of materials, the first, third, and fourth materials are all related, and they all show their courage to learn from the outside world (foreign and foreign races). The fifth material is about the problems facing us today, which is the fundamental basis of China's current situation. National policy; the sixth material refers to closed-door policy, which is also related to 1, 3, and 4 materials; and the second material has little to do with other items. Among them, the first, third, and fifth materials form the same relationship, and they form a contrasting relationship with the sixth material. Both the positive and negative angles can be cut. The second material is an interference item and needs to be eliminated. Understanding these relationships helps to grasp the spirit of the material as a whole and lays the foundation for argumentation. The title of the article can be formulated as: "Today", "Speaking from Hu Fu Riding and Shooting" and so on.

Example 9: Read the following materials and complete the composition as required.

1. Chi Li, a famous contemporary writer, said: "A person can do a lot of things in his life, but I don't know how many smart people in the world do not do one thing in my life."

2. The French painter Redoud only painted roses throughout his life. For 20 years, he recorded the poses of 170 kinds of roses and painted the "Rose Atlas", known as the "Bible of Roses".

3. Mr. Lin Yutang showed us a well-established generalist image in Biography of Su Dongpo: Su Dongpo is a great writer, a great calligrapher, an innovative painter, a wine-making experimenter, an engineer ...

How do you associate and think about the above materials?


When reviewing the questions, the interference content "Mr. Lin Yutang" should be excluded first, because the third material is actually that Su Dongpo is a "generalist". Next, analyze the various relationships between the three materials. From Chi Li's point of view, it is possible to distill the view that "man can do a lot of things in one's life", which is a positive idea; from Reduder's point of view, it is possible to distill the idea of "do one thing well", which is a positive idea; From Su Dongpo's point of view, it is possible to distill the view of "doing a lot of things", which is also a positive idea; and from Chi Li's point of view, it is also possible to distill the idea of "nothing is done well", which is a negative idea. The deep connotation reflected by "doing one thing well" and "doing many things well" is actually the relationship between "specialty" and "common". Starting from the perspective of the relationship between "special" and "common", the following points can be summarized: Doing one thing well can do many things; doing many things well, in order to do one thing well Better; companies need teamwork spirit, and they need more specialized talents; the demand for talents in modern society is "excellent expertise", and so on.


In the above, we have summarized the methods of examining the subject matter of material composition. This type of composition must be considered in its entirety. Avoid splitting several materials and discuss things. Second, we must clarify the connections between the materials, find contact points, and use them. Multiple methods to analyze materials.

Of course, the improvement of the ability to review questions in material composition will not happen overnight, and the focus and angle of the review questions will be different for different natures and types of materials. Therefore, to improve one's ability to examine questions and ideas, not only some methods, but also a large number of scientific integration and series of training, but also need to try their best to mobilize their life accumulation and emotional experience, and comprehensively improve their thinking quality and comprehensive Chinese literacy .

Six, review the principles

1. Analysis one by one. Grasp the main content of the material.

2. Comparative analysis. Clarify the relationship between materials: same-direction relationship, opposite relationship, complementary relationship

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3. Comprehensive analysis. The final purpose of the inductive materials: find differences among differences, distinguish between differences, and complement each other.

多则材料作文的审题应对策略 Seven, coping strategies for multiple material composition

1. Seek differences in the same theme

The same materials can be refined from the same point of view, but they often lack depth. If we seek the differences between them from the same materials, we can dig deep and draw weighted conclusions.

Example 1. ① Marx, 23 years old, was known as the greatest philosopher of Germany at that time. ② Engels 21 criticized the German philosopher Schelling at the time. ③ Lenin started revolutionary activities at the age of 17. ④ Mao Zedong's 26-year-old editor of "Xiangjiang Review". ⑤ Xu Teli was 48 years old and stayed in France to overcome difficulties and learn French.


The above five materials are all about the great people's achievements in their careers. This is the commonality of the materials. If they argue in this regard, their views will lack depth. Further analysis of the materials will reveal that ①—④ also have one thing in common, that is, they produce results in their youth, while the material ⑤ is that Xu Teli, 48 years old, learned French hard, and has different age characteristics from the first four great men. Based on this difference, it can be argued that the young age is a golden age of results, but age is not the only condition for successful careers. The key is to have a firm ambition and perseverance.

2. Seek common ground among differences

Different things are sometimes different and substantially the same. Therefore, for multiple materials, we can analyze and compare them to find common ground between the materials and move from the common ground to the handcrafted viewpoint.

Example 2. ① A piece of wood is placed on a mountain stream, and the bottom is not deep, so you dare to walk very little, but if the horizontal beam is placed on the ground, ordinary people can walk on it. ② Xiao Li's first speech, he had prepared well in advance, but as soon as he stepped onto the stage and saw the dark people in the auditorium below, he was sweating, his mind was blank, and he could not remember a word.


These two materials, one is that few people can walk through the wood resting on the mountain stream, and the other is that Xiao Li's speech cannot be remembered in the face of the black people. The two materials are not the same in terms of form, but their results are the same-the failure to achieve their wishes is due to timidity and lack of good psychological quality. From this common point, we can distill this point of view: ① good psychological quality is an important factor for success; ② we must cultivate good psychological quality.

3.Distinguish the differences and find the main point

For some different materials, there are obvious points of divergence between them. We find the points of divergence, and enter the handcrafted viewpoint from their points of divergence.

Example 3 ① As the saying goes: "A clever leatherworker does not have good shoes; two dumb leathersmiths discuss the shoes; three stinking leathersmiths have passed Zhuge Liang."

② As the saying goes, "One monk carried water to eat, two monks carried water to eat, and three monks did not have water to eat."


The identities, events, and results in this material are all different, but we can find some things in common: the same three people are also doing the same thing. But why did the same three people produce so different results? Where are their differences? The three stinky leather craftsmen thought about one place, made a great effort to make a good shoe pattern, and passed Zhuge Liang; the three monks also thought about one place—drinking water, but they voted against each other, not Hard work, 3 monks have no water to eat. It can be seen that their differences lie in whether they work together. Grasp the points of difference, you can refine this point of view: ① work together to achieve success; ② do everything with one mind, and strive to use one place.

4, complementary superimposition to find the theme

Some materials are of the same nature, but they are not comprehensive, but complement each other. Only when they are superimposed, is it scientific and reasonable, and only in this way can the correct perspective be refined. This is the complementary superposition method.

Example 4. ①The famous quote of Florence poet Dante: "Go your own way and let others say it!"

②Polish proverb: "Anyone who asks for directions won't get lost."


These two materials are about how to take a good life. Material ① "Go your own way" emphasizes the need to have a firm conviction; Material ② "People who often ask for directions will not get lost" is about the spirit of being open-minded and asking for advice when walking, and obeying the guidance of others. Who is right or wrong between the two? They all make sense, but they are only complementary in a certain way. If they are combined, they will be comprehensive and reasonable. Therefore, it is possible to refine this point of view: not only must you have the firm conviction of "going your own way", but also the modest spirit of "frequently asked way" in order to take your own life.

The above are some of the most basic methods for extracting ideas from multiple materials.

According to the perspective of material refining, the premise is to understand the material, and on this basis, one or more analysis methods are properly used, and the intention will be very accurate.

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