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A few short sentences, but worth a lot

Public number: mentality determines the future Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:45:35

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Don't judge the good of others

Because they do not affect your meals

Don't evaluate others' virtues

Because you do n’t have to be more noble than him

Don't evaluate others' families

Because that has nothing to do with you

Don't rate anyone

Even if it's your most despised person

Don't spend money

Because tomorrow you may lose your job

Don't be arrogant

q pet Da Le fighting weapon Daquan

Because tomorrow you may lose power

Don't be too public

Understand that no one is weaker than you

In short, be a low-key person.

Don't rely on others

Because life is already heavy

Everyone wants to live easily

Don't hurt others

Causality will come sooner or later

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