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Fasten the "safety rope" for the old elevator

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On March 27, the first "three-nothing" old elevator in Haikou was renovated and delivered. At the end of last year, the Haikou Municipal Government issued an implementation plan for the renovation and renovation of old elevators. It plans to invest 120 million yuan in 3 years to help renew the old elevators in the city. ("Hainan Daily" on March 28)

According to the bottom line, there were 1,169 "three no" elevators in Haikou that were put into use before 2004, without maintenance funds, without property management, and without maintenance units. However, the designed service life of the elevator is about 15 years. As time goes by, more and more elevators will "retreat". The deaths and injuries caused by elevators from time to time will be scary and become a serious safety hazard. This time Haikou was able to set up a special fund for renovation and transformation, in which each of the government and the owner split the cost, and transformed thousands of "three-none" elevators to eliminate hidden safety hazards associated with old elevators. The issue of people's livelihood is also a pragmatic move for the government to make timely replacements and improve the level of public services.

People ’s sense of happiness and gain is like many “0s”. Without the “1”, which is the safety at the forefront, “the skin is gone and the hair is attached”. The safety of elevators involves the safety of millions of households, and also the happiness of millions of households. As an auxiliary equipment of the building, the elevator is usually overhauled and replaced by special maintenance funds. However, in those old communities that do not have advance payment of special maintenance funds in advance, it is difficult for the elevator to carry out renovation and reconstruction. In this context, Haikou City Government extended a helping hand, which will greatly reduce the burden on the relevant owners and make the update more feasible. This enlightens us. In the face of various problems related to people's livelihood, the government can neither turn a blind eye, nor play Taijiquan, play a ball with each other, but must take the initiative to serve, ask forward, and make up in time when the relevant resources are lacking. "Public servant" and coordinating roles come.

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The management and use of residential elevators involve government, owners, properties, and other entities. Only by clarifying the responsibilities of all parties and establishing a perfect mechanism for the orderly replacement of old elevators can this safety rope be tied to the elevators in countless buildings. . Beijing, Nanjing and other places have explicitly stipulated that elevators must be scrapped compulsorily if they are used for more than 15 years. As a government department, supervision and management should be strengthened, and the relevant elevator safety responsibility should be more clearly assigned to the housing enterprises: the developer guarantees the quality of the elevator at the time of delivery, and the property company guarantees the subsequent use safety to ensure that the elevator's service life is not compromised.

Differences in opinions and different interests make it difficult to advance many housing maintenance issues, including replacement of old elevators. The low establishment rate of urban community industry committees has also led to a lack of coordination among these issues. With special maintenance funds, the threshold is not low. If you rely solely on the government, the cost of upgrading will become a heavy burden for all taxpayers. To this end, multiple parties should raise funds for elevator maintenance. On the one hand, for conditional communities, the sleeping public maintenance funds should be awakened; on the other hand, for the "three-nothing" elevators left over from history, the owners and the government can raise funds for multi-channel methods to upgrade the elevator Makeover. Elevator replacement is a community matter, and the industry committee has direct responsibility. The independent management of the industry committee should be promoted to strengthen work on elevator replacement and maintenance, and raise maintenance funds, alleviate the government's work pressure, save elevator maintenance funds, and add a safety lock to the owners' rights and interests.

Source: Hainan Daily

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