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You must be happier than me

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Life must always be gray. What is always fresh is the river of years. Don't be sad. What disappears with the setting sun is my figure. If you understand the silence of the earth, you will understand me.

Who is the passenger in whose life, who is the rotation of life, the dust of previous lives, the wind of this life, the endless sad soul. I went back and watched the way I grew up, and waited and watched, day and day, I stood by the road, put my hands in the windbreaker's pocket, and saw countless people passing by without expression, occasionally someone stopped I smile, like a peach blossom. I know that those who stay will eventually become the warmth in my life, and when I see them, I will remember that I will never give up ...

Under the sunshine of March, I look up at the season of Huaihuaixiangmanshu in the midsummer sun. When I look up, my eyes will cry.

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