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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

A generation of Tianjiao succeeded together

Wei Yong is consulting related technical information.


Wei Yong (left) and colleagues are studying boilers in the workshop.

Wei Yong is an employee of Henan Yuyuan Boiler Electromechanical Co., Ltd. He is in charge of the R & D and design of boiler and pressure vessels in the company's technology center.

From 2009 to 2016, he participated in the design of the LHS series of fuel gas boilers, the series of DZH coal-fired boilers, the series of DZL coal-fired boilers, the series of LHC reverse-fired boilers, the series of SZS gas-fired boilers, SZL coal-fired boiler series project and YYG fluidized bed boiler project have successively passed the technical appraisal of Henan Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, and have been put into production and application successively. Among them, he participated in the design of the LHC flashback energy-saving and environmentally friendly boiler project in 2013, and won the second prize of Henan Province's industrial and information technology achievements and the Henan province's hundred employees outstanding technology innovation achievement award. Not long ago, Wei Yong was named Zhumadian Technology Hero by the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.


Associated with the boiler


In October 2008, Wei Yong was applied to the Technology Center of Henan Yuyuan Boiler Electromechanical Co., Ltd. to engage in the design and development of boiler and pressure vessels. At the beginning of work, the leader of the technical center arranged for him to take over the design of the smoke and dust removal system at the tail of the boiler. In the process of designing this system, he kept pondering the advantages and disadvantages of different dust removal systems, and combined with the feedback from users, he boldly put forward the idea of using SC type water curtain dust removal. After repeated improvements and tests, the smoke after SC type water curtain dust removal has met the national requirements for flue gas emission, symbolizing environmental protection standards, and easy to manufacture and cheap. This dust removal system was later widely used.

Due to his excellent work performance, in 2010, Wei Yong was sent by the company to Xi'an Jiaotong University to study production and study boiler specialty. Wei Yong cherishes this learning opportunity very much. He said, "I listened to the class carefully in the school, read and studied in the library after class, and worked hard to study the boiler professional course. Ask my teacher for advice, and I still remember my teachings. "


Apply what you have learned


After studying at Xi'an Jiaotong University, Wei Yong greatly improved his business ability and gained a comprehensive understanding of the boiler. According to market demand, in 2011, Henan Yuyuan Boiler Machinery & Electrical Co., Ltd. formulated a design plan for a series of DZH coal-fired boilers. This series of boilers are known for their compact structure, small footprint, and high thermal efficiency. In particular, the use of threaded smoke pipes greatly improves the thermal conductivity and reduces the layout of the heated area. In this project, the DZH1-1.0-AⅡ movable furnace exhaust coal-fired boiler designed by Wei Yong passed the technical appraisal of Henan Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. After the boiler was put into production and application, it was recognized by the majority of users.


With more and more attention being paid to green environmental protection, national policies and regulations have also put forward higher requirements for product emission standards. While the designed products are put into operation, Wei Yong and his team have been thinking about more energy-efficient 2. The design issues of new environmentally friendly boiler products.

In 2013, a series of LHC flashback boiler projects were initiated. Wei Yong designed the LHC 0.3-0.4-A Ⅱ flashback boiler. The boiler breaks the combustion method of the conventional boiler, and is provided with components such as a gas generating chamber, a grate pipe, a combustion chamber, a fire pipe, and a convection pipe bundle. After the gas is generated, it passes through the hot fire layer and passes through the black at the same time. The carbon particles are fully burned, the grate tube is exposed to high temperature radiation, and the heat transfer coefficient is extremely high, which can absorb 30% to 40% of the heat, and the high temperature flue gas is fully heat exchanged and has high thermal efficiency. This series of boilers has passed the technical appraisal of Henan Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau and the energy efficiency test of Henan Provincial Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Inspection and Research Institute, and has been approved by authoritative sections. This series of boiler projects won the second prize of Henan Province's industrial and information technology achievements and the Henan province's one hundred employees outstanding technology innovation achievement award.


With the expansion of the company's scale, the company obtained a Class A boiler manufacturing license in 2014, marking the company's ability to produce Class A boilers. In order to meet the company's development needs, the technology center established a series of SZS oil-fired gas boilers. The design of the product has now entered a new field-large-scale boiler products. Wei Yong participated in the SZS20-1.25-YQ oil-fired gas boiler. the design of.

The main structure of this boiler adopts water pipe convection tube bundle, and the classic membrane wall is used around it. Wei Yong said: "This design reduces the use of refractory materials such as heavy furnace walls, which greatly reduces the weight of the boiler, makes transportation more convenient, and reduces the amount of installation work. This series of boilers finally passed Henan Province's quality technology The technical appraisal of the Supervision Bureau is also an affirmation and encouragement to my work. "

In 2016, the company signed a large order for a Class A boiler for a 75t fluidized bed boiler. Facing the new design task, Wei Yong carefully analyzed the function of each component during the work process, consulted external experts, learned about the technical requirements of boiler design in detail, and thoroughly communicated with the process staff and production staff in the workshop to make the design It is combined with the company's actuality without affecting the product performance. After the product drawing design was completed, it passed the technical appraisal of Henan Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau. The achievement of this achievement marks a new stage in the development of the company.

Innovation never stops

Wei Yong said: "The strategy of 'production generation, reserve generation, and development generation' formulated by the company's senior management has always guided us forward. Continuous innovation is the pursuit of each technical staff. I must deeply root this concept in my heart."

In his usual work, Wei Yong not only focused on the research of boilers, but also carried out research on waste heat utilization in every project, from cast iron economizers to fire tube economizers, spiral smoke tube economizers, and so on. To the application of the spiral finned tube economizer, each scheme has achieved good results, especially in recent years, the widespread application of spiral finned tube economizers in gas boilers has achieved good economic benefits.

"People's growing demand has promoted prosperity in all walks of life, and the boiler industry is no exception. Development is the last word. Providing environmentally friendly and energy-saving products is people's demand and the mission of designers. As a designer Only by continuous learning and in-depth practice can we develop more and better products to return to society, and I have full confidence in the future. "Wei Yong said.

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