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Who has n’t suffered, and whose friends do n’t have a few wolves

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

I thought of the moon

In this life, I have suffered a lot and been deceived. Whose friends do not have a few wolves;

In this life, he has hurt his heart and broken his bowel, who has not been emotionally injured;

In this life, he has been stupid, wrestled, and who has not hit the wall in society.

How many people are thinking about it: When you need you, you are as happy as a fish and a water, and you want to turn around you every day;

When you need it, it's as difficult as a man to see a ghost.

Let you see clearly what are hypocritical faces and sincere faces;

Makes you understand, not a person who treats you sincerely, no need to be a friend!

How many people do not know how to cherish: take your care as dog food, take your initiative as cheap,

Use your company as a pastime and your misses as a joke.

Massacre 2 stopped working

Let you know, who is the idiot who loves you,

Who is hurting you asshole; let you know, feelings are not wishful thinking, not our love is rare!

The heart that is cold and hot to you is only when you think of you, and when you are done, you are left behind.

People who are far away from you,

I came to you when I was lonely, and I forgot about you when it was lively.

The feelings that make you suffer or lose are not sincere feelings

We do n’t even need it!


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