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Yipin Aiyu, how to leverage quality business opportunities?

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Summer Rebirth

From the north to the north, to Yunnan and Guangxi in the south, to Tibet to the west, and to Jiangsu and Zhejiang in the east, almost no one loves to eat fish. Using a plate as a device, using a heat source to heat it, using water or soup to conduct heat, and cooking freshly grilled fresh fish, supplemented with a variety of food from the north and south of the river, accompanied by a variety of special secret ingredients, and eating while cooking, can not help but make people addicted. Hurry up! Hurry up!

从此得以风靡大江南北,火遍全国。 Grilled fish has since swept the rivers, and has spread all over the country.

The storefronts on the street are the best proof.

You know, the grilled fish comes from Wanzhou, Chongqing, which is famous all over the country. And Chongqing cuisine has won the favor of consumers all over the country, and Chongqing taste has also become a golden sign to solicit business.

In the north, there is also an original specialty grilled fish. Their research and development team went to Chongqing to visit celebrity chefs and summarized a complete set of special grilled fish production technology. It combines marinating, sliced, stewing and cooking in one. Absolutely. By absorbing Wanzhou's fish-making skills and Chongqing hot pot essence, it forms an authentic Chongqing-style cuisine. Whether you like to eat fish or shabu-shabu, you can enjoy it here.


。 They are the characteristic grilled fish chain brand from the North - Ajieyu .

In recent years, more and more grilled fish shops have risen with the trend. The fresh fish is supplemented with precious Chinese herbal medicine, and the grilled fish is full of aroma, crispy and tender. 也以其浓浓的民族风情和西式优雅的环境吸引着一批又一批的年轻人前往品尝。 And the matching Ajieyu stylish grilled fish restaurant also attracts young people to taste with its strong ethnic customs and western-style elegant environment. The unique taste, elegant environment, and togetherness atmosphere make the specialty grilled fish shop of Ajieyu full of fashionable charm.

利用独家秘方,辅以珍贵珍贵中草药,烤出的鱼浓香四溢,鲜香脆嫩! A sister fish uses an exclusive secret recipe, supplemented by precious precious Chinese herbal medicine, and the grilled fish is full of aroma, fresh and crispy! In addition, there are various flavors of auntie fish, consumers can choose from a variety of flavors such as original, spicy and spicy; the unique ingredients increase the crisp, fragrant and tender characteristics of the grilled fish, while maintaining the moisture of the grilled fish. In the process of easy barbecue, the fish does not shrink, so that the fish is full, and there is appetite at first glance.

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中草药及绿色香料, 18种独特新颖的汤底口味,迎合男女老少各种口味需求;选材上除了新鲜肥牛、羊肉、海鲜等肉类外,各种时令蔬菜的搭配更添营养;最不能少的,是各种豆制品,无论是鲜美的冻豆腐还是新鲜的嫩豆腐,都是舌尖上的营养美味! Only one soup base, Ajieyu Hotpot uses 21 flavors of Chinese herbal medicine and green spices, 18 unique and novel soup base flavors to meet the needs of men, women and children of all tastes; in addition to fresh meat like beef, lamb, seafood In addition, the combination of various seasonal vegetables adds nutrition; the most essential is a variety of soy products, whether it is delicious frozen tofu or fresh tender tofu, are nutritious and delicious on the tip of the tongue!

Are you still worried about the difficulty of opening a restaurant and the technical difficulties? ,在实践运营中,形成了具有自己特色的管理模式,在技术培训,财务管理,后期指导等方面保证加盟店在短期内步入正轨。 A sister fish implements a unified image, unified brand, unified supply, and unified guidance . In practice, it has formed a management mode with its own characteristics. In technical training, financial management, and subsequent guidance , it guarantees that franchise stores will enter in a short period of time. On track. ;采用自行设计定制的环保型专用厨具,从配菜到烹饪做到了将油烟降到冰点。 In addition, the standardized production process and uniform raw material ratio are uniformly distributed by the headquarters of the Secret Pack . The self-designed and environmentally-friendly special kitchen utensils are used to reduce the oil fume to freezing point from side dishes to cooking.

What do you choose to open a shop? Of course it is Auntie Fish! Others are on fire, don't you want to fire?

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