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The little yellow car is so cute, why do you get on it?

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Bicycles have suddenly become a topic in the streets

It turned out that something called bike sharing

Since the advent of shared bicycles, there has been news on Yueyue, which has been hotly searched every week, and is controversial every day. In some places, because of its police uncle, it was dispatched! It also launched a great test of the quality of the whole people.

In 1950, New China's first domestically produced bicycle brand "Feige" was born in Tianjin. By the 1980s, China had reached 500 million bicycles, commuting to and from work every day, and the spectacular torrent of bicycles made China quickly become a "biking kingdom . "

Of course, the torrent of the times will always change things, the emergence of cars, motorcycles, and new energy vehicles, so that bicycles are no longer the only important and necessary tool for travel. Until the emergence of shared bicycles, this means of transportation that seems to be forgotten by the people of the once "biking kingdom" was reborn. In the spring season, there is no more fashionable and environmentally friendly way of travel than blowing a hair and riding a bike!

In fact, riding this thing is good for nothing. In a fast-paced life, many people don't have time to exercise, so ride a bicycle and turn your road to work into your playground! Anyway, by the way! Riding can also save time. When everyone is blocked into a pot of porridge, only you are as light as a bird! Moreover, compared with cars that produce exhaust and smog, this way of travel is not too environmentally friendly!

Even our street photographers recently

All gave up driving or taxiing, riding

The little yellow car took to the street to shoot for everyone

,就成了时髦鬼们思考的问题。 Since riding is so popular, what kind of riding is the most comfortable and best-looking has become a question for fashionable ghosts to think about. When it comes to cycling, I always think of fashionable Parisian women. The default picture is still a young woman wearing ruffles and high heels, riding a bicycle leisurely by the Seine river. The rattan basket is also filled with flowers and dew with dew drops. A scented baguette.

French woman wears high heels even on bicycle

We cannot be as elegant as they are

But also during riding, hit the most in to wear

Rabbit photographed several fashionable cyclists on the street

See what riding advice they have

A pair of ankle pants

Nowadays, the popular long pants legs are easy to roll in during riding, so wear a pair of pants that just show your ankles. Spring has already come, and you should start preparing to expose.

Every year

Weibo @ 年 表妹

A neat short coat

The handsome and stylish baseball shirt jacket is very clean and neat, suitable for the temperature of this season, can not only protect the wind but not too thick, it is the best choice for riding a yellow car! The velvet embroidered coat on the girl's body is also very in.


Weibo @ 小熊 王八蛋 维尼

A pair of comfortable flat shoes

Even if you need formal shoes in the workplace, you should wear a pair of labor-saving sneakers on the road. After all, a sudden brake can easily tip your feet! The black and straight girl rides the car, and her turn rate will probably burst.

Guan Xiaoxi

Weibo @ 瓜 尔 佳 凌 熙

Jiuyin Zhenjing official website

A pair of pull-on track pants

Slippery pants with a sense of style and street feel, comfortable and casual, thin and unrestrained! This year's fire single product! When not to wear when cycling? The girl's inner ride and even her nails are matched with the little yellow car!


Weibo @ruby 小 丹丹 小姐

A cool woolen hat

Although it's already spring, the capricious weather is still a bit cold, so put on your woolen hat and don't freeze your head during the ride! Little brother's short-sleeved rabbit also wants.

Yang Tengfei


An unobtrusive and fashionable bag

Not all bicycles have a place where you can put your bags, so how important it is to have a bag that can be carried and carried back! The girl's super cute hairstyle will probably fly when riding a bike!

微博@一只D君 D 君微 博 @ 一个 D 君

A pair of knee-high socks

I want to wear shorts, but it seems too early. It doesn't matter. Can I add a pair of over-knee socks? Not only can protect your knees during riding, but also can lengthen the leg proportions! Little brother get to the essence of mother-man balance!


An element that goes well with the bike

Take a long Off White belt and pair it with a bike! Hook, who often appears in our street shots, rides a bicycle, as if returning to the high school era in white fluttering!


Weibo @Hook 虎克 卍

Such an environmentally friendly, healthy and fashionable way of travel, if you are still using taxi software, Rabbit really wants to ask you if you understand life? Is there a mood? The holiday is here, the weather is warm, and the little yellow cars are everywhere, so don't rent them out for a ride!

Little yellow car suddenly became synonymous with fashion

Whether riding or wearing, environmentally friendly

Lifestyle is always more acceptable

境和 It ’s also because everyone cares about living environment and quality.

The rabbit attaches great importance to quality

兔子 已经 Anyway, the rabbit who got on the little yellow car has already

不住寄几了! I can't help sending it! Old drivers

Come share your riding experience

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