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[Campus Fax] March Monthly Work Conference Held in First Grade

Public number: Jiangsu Dongtai Middle School Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:45:05

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In the afternoon of March 27, the first grade of seniors held a monthly working meeting in the ladder classroom of the senior high school. The meeting was attended by Yang Xiaoxiang, the principal of the first grade of senior management, Cui Hengjie, the director of the first grade, Pan Zhiyong, the deputy director of the Academic Affairs Office, and all the teachers of the first grade. The meeting was chaired by Yuan Yaping, the deputy director of the first grade.

The meeting was first analyzed by the director Cui Hengjie on the senior scholarship examinations. He made detailed comparisons of the total average scores of different intensive classes, ordinary classes, average scores of various subjects, and awards and person-times. The semester final exam results, using the fluctuation point of the data to identify the class that has problems in the recent stage. And made a systematic arrangement for the later work, from the formulation of the goals to the detailed requirements in the process, to the teacher's mental appearance, all put forward specific requirements.

The principal in charge Yang Xiaoxiang proposed to the teachers to deal with the relationship in three aspects:

1. Deal with the relationship between long-term goals and near-term goals. The long-term goal is the college entrance examination, the mid-term goal is the Yancheng Joint Examination, and the short-term goal is the immediate mid-term exam. Laying the foundation around the long-term goal, cultivating students' interests and abilities; Progress; Focus on short-term goals and outstanding students around short-term goals.

2. Handle the relationship between the individual and the whole. That is, the relationship between the individual and the lesson preparation team must fully support the work of the lesson preparation team leader; the relationship between the individual and the class collective must strictly control the amount of work.

3. Handle the relationship between time and efficiency. The emphasis is on the efficiency of teaching and the efficiency of practice. Early reading and evening recitation should be clear about content, goals, assessment methods, etc. Practice should focus on quality, inspection, feedback and other links, and encourage students to ask questions boldly.

The convening of a monthly work meeting timely corrected the problems that appeared in the previous stage, affirmed the positive outlook in the grade, and pointed out the direction for the next stage of efforts!

Source: Department of Political Affairs

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