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Chinese and English host Zhang Simeng

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Central China Rising Chief Zhang Simeng, bilingual host. The image ambassador of the Tang You Cup in the international badminton tournament, the "most beautiful smile" in Hubei Province, the Hubei Challenge Host Competition first prize, holds two national patents. 高端晚宴酒会、企业年会、新闻发布会、大型会展、政府会议、电视电台节目主持 etc.涉及领域: 房地产、汽车、时装珠宝、红酒、体育赛事等。 Good at high-end dinner parties, corporate annual conferences, press conferences, large-scale conventions, government conferences, TV programs, etc. Involved fields: real estate, automobiles, fashion jewelry, wine, sports events, etc.

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Brilliancy, I Emcee.

Bright time, let me be the "master"

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