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Starlight Reading --- Book Fragrant Run Childlike

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Master's Dim Sum

On quiet nights, we dwell in the ocean of books with the children, find a harbor for ourselves and the children, let the children's life drift into the fragrance of the books, and moisten this pure childlike heart.

Starlight recommended today: "Where has the wind gone"

brief introduction:

At the end of the happy day, a little boy asked, "Where did the wind go after the wind stopped?" His mother explained to him that the wind did not stop, but just went elsewhere and let the trees there dance.

Then, she told the children step by step the truth of material immortality in the world, just in another place or in another form. The rain returned to the clouds to generate new rain; the waves returned to the sea and became new waves; day and night cycled back and forth, bringing darkness and stars to the little boy at night, making him dream.

The author and the drafter completed a beautiful tribute to the circular chain of all things with lyrical text and colorful episodes.

Bright The dazzling sun shines all day, and now it is getting late. The sky light slowly changed from blue to pink, and then turned into a strange gray-purple, and the sun gradually became western and fell into the sunset of Sihe.

The little boy stared blankly at him before the day disappeared.

和她的朋友一直在园子里玩。 He and her friends have been playing in the garden.

Don't want to play anymore, just lie on the grass and feel the sun covering them, just like a sleepy cat lying on them, so warm and soft.

In the afternoon, they drank a glass of cold lemon juice under the pear tree.

Before going to bed at night, the little boy's father read him a story on the porch.

在,他妈妈来向他说晚安了。 Now his mother came to say good night to him.

"Why don't you see him during the day?" He asked his mother.

"That way, you can come here at night," Mom said, "look." She pointed out the window, and under the night sky, behind the top of the pear tree, he saw a silvery moon.

"That's how the night starts," Mom told him, placing her hands on his shoulders. "The night with the moon, stars and night can make you dream."

是,白天就这样不见了,太阳到哪里去了呢?”小男孩问。 " But it disappeared like this during the day. Where did the sun go?" The little boy asked.

"It didn't go missing during the day, it just went somewhere else. We are here at night, and the other place is daytime. The sun will rise in that place and nothing will disappear forever.

"Is that all?" The little boy asked,

"Yeah," Mom said. "It just changed places, or changed its look."

small The boy is lying on the bed, and mother is sitting by the bed.

"So. Where did the wind go after it stopped?" The little boy asked.

"When the wind stopped, it actually blew somewhere else and let the trees there dance."

蒲公英的绒毛被风吹到哪里去了呢?“带着新的花籽飞到别家院子的草地上去了” "Where has the dandelion fluff been blown by the wind?" He flew to the grass in another yard with the new flower seeds. "

Who else can you love besides me

到了山顶以后,又到哪里去了呢?” "After the mountain reached the top, where did it go?"

"It went downhill and turned into a valley."

海里的波浪扑碎在沙滩上以后,还能到哪里去呢?” " Where can the waves go when they break on the beach?"

"Retreat back to the sea and become a new wave."

暴风雨过了以后,雨到哪里去了呢?” " When the storm passed, where did the rain go?"

"Back in the clouds and spawn new storms."

飘过天空,到哪里去了呢?” "The cloud floated across the sky. Where did it go?"

"Going to shade somewhere else"

林里的树叶变了颜色,落下来了。以后呢?” "The leaves in the forest changed color and fell. What about the future?"

"Back in the dirt, a new tree with new leaves."

是,当叶子落下,一定有什么东西不见了。”小男孩说,“是秋天不见了。” " But when the leaves fall, there must be something missing," said the little boy. "It was gone in autumn."

"Yes." Mom replied, "Autumn is coming and winter is coming."

么冬天结束以后呢?”小男孩问。 " Then after the end of winter?" The little boy asked.

"At the end of winter, the snow and ice are melting, the birds are returning, and spring is here." The boy finally laughed

个世界真的就是这样循环着,没有什么会不见了。” " This world is really circulating like this, nothing will disappear."

He looked out at the sky, the sun was out of sight, and those lovely pink sunsets had disappeared. It was late, and in the dark purple sky, a crescent moon was shining brightly on the pear treetops.

天结束了,”妈妈对他说,“现在该睡了。明天早上,你醒来的时候,月亮已经去很远很远的地方开始新的夜晚了,而太阳也在这里为我们开始了新的一天。” " It's over today ," Mom said to him, "it's time to sleep. Tomorrow morning, when you wake up, the moon has gone far, far away to start a new night, and the sun is here for us It's a new day. "

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