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The higher the level, the more you respect people (in-depth text)

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Zeng Qifeng

层次高的人,他们更懂得“感同身受”和换位思考,知道每个人都不容易,懂得尊重别人。 Guide: High-level people, they are more aware of "empathy" and thinking in other places, know that everyone is not easy, and know how to respect others.


大利插画家Marco Melgrati曾根据现实题材创作过一幅画—— 你永远不知道跟你玩的是谁! Italian illustrator Marco Melgrati once created a painting based on realistic themes- " You never know who is playing with you! "

The cat in the picture treats the snake's tail as a rat's tail and grasps the snake's tail with its claws without fear.

永远不知道跟你玩的人是谁,要尊重每一个人,也不要轻易看不起和低估任何人。 The significance of this painting is: you never know who is playing with you, respect everyone, and don't look down on and underestimate anyone easily. What you see may be a little bit, and others have already seen you clearly, just thinking about whether to hurt you.

Respecting others is in fact solemn. Knowing respect for others is also the greatest manifestation of one's education.

Real respect is actually an equality, not looking up, not overlooking, not humble. The higher the level, the more aware that respect means equality, value, personality, and cultivation. Low-level people are often selfish, short-sighted, and arrogantly standing on the moral high ground to blame others.


On Zhihu and Weibo, I saw some readers commenting on some of the author's articles. The words are intensely ironic and despise, and even greeting your family.

I remember an editor's sister saying that there were people who specifically added her WeChat to scold her. This is just to add others WeChat just to scold others, how busy is it?

Indeed, every citizen has the right to freedom of speech. You can question it, you can attack it, you can get it off. However, please also respect the personality of others and do not engage in personal attacks.

The author writes articles, but expresses his personal opinion, and does not define who to label. If you do n’t like it, you can ignore it, disagree with the comments, or even blame it, but swear words and personal attacks do not prove that you are correct, but instead expose your poor qualities.

So respect is to seek common ground while shelving differences. I don't agree with you, but I will applaud your efforts.


Seeing that: I thought others respected me because others thought I was excellent. 人尊重我,是因为别人很优优秀的人更懂得尊重别人,对人尊敬其实是在庄严自己。 Slowly I understand that others respect me because others are excellent; excellent people know how to respect others, and respecting others is actually solemn.

Dostoevsky also said that those who disrespect others first disrespect themselves.

Remember the story of a previous fellow in hotel management who told me about his interview:

That time he went to apply for the assistant of the hotel general manager. After several rounds of re-tests, he left two people and reached the final stage of meeting the general manager.

The interviewer with the brother is a high-ranking student of D, a very beautiful girl. The brother thought at the time that such a beautiful girl also had good abilities, and the general manager was a man, and the chance of finally admitting that beautiful girl was greater than him.

However, the brother is not that easy to give up. He wants to know that he is also a talented student of F, and we are evenly matched. Whoever laughs may not be in the end.

That day, the two of them were told to go to the general manager's office together. On the road, they encountered an aunty cleaning lady cleaning the glass. Her cleaning car was next to her. When she turned around, she accidentally bumped into the girl and spilled the water in the bucket. Body. The companion girls had water stains on their shoes and skirts, as well as on their brother's pants and leather shoes.

The girl immediately said, "Have you a cleaning lady with long eyes, knowing that someone is coming from behind, did you knowingly. I'll wait for an interview. Now you see how I see people like this, it's delayed Can you take responsibility for my interview? It's unlucky. "

Then he turned to his brother and said, "Wait for me, I'll clean it up, and I'll go together, otherwise it's not good to go alone." After speaking, I went to the bathroom.

National Goddess Reborn after Psychic Shadow

When the brother heard this girl speak like this, she immediately disliked her. The brother said to Auntie Clean: "Auntie, it's okay, just splash a little water, don't blame yourself, just pay attention next time."

Then help the cleaning aunt clean the water on the ground, while waiting for the girl, while chatting with the aunt, help cleaning cleaning the high glass.

Finally, the two of them went to the general manager's office. The general manager reached out to his brother and said, "Congratulations, you have been accepted."

It turned out that the so-called last interview was the test of cleaning Auntie just now. The general manager said: We are a service industry, we have others in our hearts, and it is most important to know how to respect others.

Therefore, respect is an important manifestation of a person's education; taking into account the feelings of others and knowing how to think differently, can he win the trust and support of others.


The level of a person can often be seen in a small certain quality.

Many years ago when I was in school, I saw pictures of the aunt sweeping in the school's post bar. She sat on the stairs and wept, and some of her classmates saw it.

The classmate said that she was late, and when she was out of the classroom faintly heard a cry, she thought that it was haunted and startled. When I walked up the stairs, I saw that the sweeping aunt was crying there. It was sad to know that every time she waited for us to clean up after class, she always couldn't clean the garbage.

She said, "Every time you clean up the classroom and corridor, there will always be a lot of garbage. I can't finish it so late."

After wiping away the tears, I picked up the broom again to clean up.

These college students do not know how to respect the work results of cleaning the aunt, take the work of the aunt as a matter of course, knowing that they just have to clean up and litter, this is a manifestation of disrespect.

I saw a video before, in the corridor of the office building, it will inevitably be slightly delayed due to the rain in winter. The female customer saw the meal delivered by the takeaway brother, and went straight to the floor and drank the meal. Relatively bad words, complained that the takeaway brother was late for delivery and the food was cold.

This female customer's anger to the takeaway brother was not only because the delivery was late, but perhaps more importantly, she subconsciously looked down on the food delivery industry. In another scenario, if it was her boss who was late to send her a document, would the female customer dare to drop the document in the face of the boss?

The level of a person's accomplishment is often not manifested in his attitude toward his superiors, friends, and colleagues, but to see whether he respects people who are "lower in status than him".

No matter between people or between industries, there is no distinction between high and low, and they are all equal. To respect others is to respect yourself.


The level of a person has nothing to do with his education, wealth, social class, etc., and has to do with his vision, cultivation, and pattern.

The higher the level, the more often they have high emotional intelligence and the more they respect others. At the same time, a person who knows how to respect others is often an "excellent" person.

懂得“感同身受”和换位思考,懂得尊重别人的不易和努力。 They have a long-term vision, experience, and a large format; they are mature and full of innerity, and they don't need to show their nobility by demeaning and showing off; they also know more about "empathy" and thinking in other places, and the hardship and effort of respecting others.

Mencius has the cloud: "He who loves others always loves him; whoever respects others always respects him".

尊重,是你去赢得一生的必修课。 Therefore, learning to respect is a compulsory course for you to win a lifetime.

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