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City Administration Department conducts three-dimensional publicity advertising

Public number: Fuzhou Transportation Management Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:44:43

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City Administration Department conducts three-dimensional publicity advertising

Our office strictly follows the documentary spirit of the Municipal Party Committee's Civilization Office and makes full use of the city ’s bus bodies, bus interiors, bus platforms, LED display screens behind taxis, LED roof lights for taxis, and display screens in passenger stations to ensure publication. Proportionally, do a good job in the publication and broadcasting of public welfare advertisements in a reasonable manner, forming a large momentum and momentum, with strong impact and influence.

The first aspect is public transport. Public service advertisements were issued in 35 bus bodies and 198 bus compartments in urban trunk lines, and 350 buses were equipped with civilized publicity slogans and socialist core values slogan boards, and there were about 100 vehicles in the city's civilized demonstration lines. Post a slogan. The 1918 bus rear window LED display was used to scroll the public service advertising slogan, which was played in a loop for 19 hours a day, one time per minute. A total of 468 light boxes (936 sides) at bus stops and first and last stations in the city publish public service advertisements at a rate of 20% per month, which has particularly increased the proportion of key publications on urban arterial roads. There are a total of 110 stations of convenience bicycles in the city, each station is installed with a total of 110 stations to create a civilized city advertisement.

The second aspect is passenger transportation. Public service advertisements have been continuously published in the five major passenger stations in the city, including North Passenger Station, South Station, West Station, Warwick Urban and Rural Station, and Xiyuan Station, as well as Airport Express Passenger Stations, with a duration of no less than 20% , Form a momentum, and form a broad social impact. A total of 81 public service slogan exhibition boards and 264 publicity posters were installed in the station. 74 public service pictures, 81 slogans, and 28 video segments (8 per hour) were displayed on the LED display in the lobby of the station. From 5:30 in the morning to 20:30 in the evening, the station work will end and the scrolling will continue.

The third aspect is taxis. In the city's 5,502 taxi LED ceiling lights, public interest advertisements were published, accounting for about 20% of the total broadcast, one time per minute.

The fourth is the car TV. Earlier this month, our office issued a document requesting the Bus Group and Minyun Bus to display relevant public service advertisement pictures, text and videos on the bus's on-board TV. After coordinating the video media, the bus group broadcasts public service slogans in the form of characters on the on-board TV during the morning and evening rush hours, one time per minute. Minyun Bus broadcasts public service advertising videos and pictures on the TV, once every minute.

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