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Why are designer clothes easier to fade?

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I don't know if you have noticed a strange phenomenon. The more expensive the clothes are, the easier it will fade. If you look at the clothes of the luxury brands, which one is not the same? You must take good care of it, otherwise you will be beyond recognition for a few times, this is the de facto luxury!

Why are some brand-name clothing particularly easy to fade? Answer: Summer clothing of some well-known brand clothing or clothing worn close to the body is often particularly prone to fading, of which there is a single color and there are multiple colors of printing. According to conventional analysis and inference, the fastness of dyeing of brand-name clothing should be no problem. Why does this happen? 来进行染色。 With the advancement of science and technology, brand-name clothing manufacturers often choose dyes that are closer to natural ingredients for dyeing. This type of dye has relatively poor fastness, but it is harmless to the human body and environmentally friendly. This kind of clothes should not be soaked for a long time when washed, stacked or washed at a higher temperature. Currently, non-azo dyes are mainly used. Among the textiles dyed by this type of dyes, certain varieties have relatively poor dyeing fastness. Both dyed fabrics and printed fabrics will fade when washed. This type of clothing is mostly cotton fiber-based fabrics, blended fabrics containing cotton fibers, or fabrics containing viscose fibers, and most of them are summer clothing or clothing worn close to the body, with women's clothing more common. Neutral detergent should be selected when washing this kind of clothes. The washing operation process must be continuous and rapid. It is not appropriate to soak or pile in water, and never use higher temperature washing.

What kind of clothing will fade? Answer: The color fading phenomenon sometimes occurs during washing, and the color fading phenomenon is regular. Textiles woven with natural fibers are more likely to fade than chemical fiber (especially synthetic) textiles. 要比锦纶、涤纶、腈纶等等容易掉色。 That is, cotton, linen, silk, and wool textiles are more likely to fade than nylon, polyester, acrylic, and so on. ;其次,颜色比较浓重的纺织品、色彩比较鲜艳的纺织品容易掉色。 Among them, silk fabrics and cotton fabrics are prone to discoloration . Secondly, textiles that are relatively heavy in color and textiles that are relatively bright in color are prone to discoloration. That is to say, black, dark, red, bright green, bright blue, bright purple, etc. are easy to fade; while those textiles with light colors and some relatively dim colors are not easy to fade. Therefore, it is not difficult to see that if a bright red-purple and thick pure wool coat is almost bound to fade. And the same acrylic coat will not fade. Another example is a black silk dress, which will definitely fade when washed, while the same polyester dress will hardly fade.

How to prevent clothes from fading and fading?

Colored clothing will fade, which is related to dye properties and printing and dyeing techniques. For example, most dyes are easy to dissolve in water (especially in soapy water, hot water and alkaline water). Dyes are also susceptible to fading from sunlight in wet conditions. 为使衣料不掉颜色,应选用中性洗涤剂在凉水中洗涤,如用丝绸洗涤剂、洗发水、洗洁精等,切勿用洗衣粉、肥皂或热水浸泡。 1. In order to keep the color of the clothes, use neutral detergent to wash in cold water, such as silk detergent, shampoo, dishwashing detergent, etc. Do not soak with washing powder, soap or hot water.

深浅颜色的衣服应单独洗涤,避免深浅颜色相互沾染。 2. The clothes of dark and light colors should be washed separately to avoid mutual contamination of light and dark colors. When washing, put some salt (a bucket of water and a small spoon) in warm water, and the temperature of the water must not be high; 3.   不要在阳光下曝晒,应放在阴凉通风处晾干。 Rinse with water immediately after washing. Do not leave soap or alkaline detergent in the clothes for long periods of time. 4. Do not expose to sunlight. Dry in a cool and ventilated place.

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