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Steps in bidding and notes for bidders

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Bidding steps


preliminary work

It is necessary to conduct a preliminary survey of the invested project, including the content of the project, the duration of the project, and the availability of funds, etc., and compare the situation with the actual situation to see if it is suitable for bidding.


Registration stage

Prepare the application materials carefully according to the bidding announcement. If it is pre-qualification, you need to bring all the required certificates (note whether you need a copy); if you are waiting for qualification, you must follow the requirements for waiting for qualification; pay attention to the payment of bid security and cost .


Preparation of bids

After completing the registration and obtaining the bidding documents, you need to carefully study the bidding documents, be familiar with the content of the bidding documents and related requirements, pay attention to the timing of bidding documents and handle them as required. If engineering projects have to go to the site and answer questions, you must participate in accordance with relevant requirements. Make the bidding according to the requirements, we must pay attention to the content of the bidding must be complete, signatures and seals must not be omitted, if the engineering technical bidding is a concealed bid, it must be prepared in accordance with relevant requirements, cover, font, content have strict requirements, do not add extravagance. Pay attention to performance requirements and bid commitments. This aspect is easy to score and easy to ignore.



Relevant personnel must sign in according to time requirements, complete relevant documents, observe on-site discipline, sing bids as required, wait for arrangements, carefully record the opening of the bid, know their friends, and wait for the bidding result.


Bid Summary

Each time the bid is completed, whether it is successful or not, sum up to see if there are any mistakes and good practices for future bid reference. If the bid is successful, you must handle the bid notification, sign the contract, and organize the construction according to the requirements of the bidding documents. Or supply). If the bid is not won, the bid deposit will be returned as required.

Matters needing attention in bidding

1.Writing of bids

。 The writing of bids requires seeking truth from facts, being specific, clear, accurate and punctual .

Project bids are usually divided into three parts: technical bid, business bid and qualification certificate.

:主要是以施工组织设计体现,即所投标的主要技术参数、规范。 Technical standard : It is mainly reflected in the design of the construction organization, that is, the main technical parameters and specifications of the bid. When evaluating bids, technical bids generally account for 30%.

Business Standard : Mainly the budget quotation part, that is, quoting the cost of the entire project based on its own and external conditions. Commercial bids are the top priority of the entire bidding process. When bid evaluation, commercial bids generally account for 70%.

Qualification documents : Relevant qualification level requirements for enterprises, personnel, machinery, etc. The qualification certification documents are mainly to review whether the company has bids, won bids and completed certain project qualifications.

2. Delivery of bid documents

The bidder must deliver the bidding documents within the prescribed time at the place specified in the bidding documents. The best way to submit the bids is to deliver them directly or entrust an agent to obtain the receipt of the bids received by the bidding agency.

,投标人不能将投标文件送交招标文件规定地点以外地方,如果投标人因为递交投标书的地点发生错误,而延误投标时间的,将被视为无效标而被拒收。 The time and place for submitting bids are usually included in the bidding documents. The bidder cannot send the bidding documents to a place other than the place specified in the bidding documents. Was deemed invalid and rejected.

If it is delivered by mail, the bidder must set aside the mailing time to ensure that the bidding documents can be delivered to the place designated by the tenderer before the deadline. Instead of "postmark". Tender documents delivered after the deadline, that is, if the bid validity period has passed, the bidder shall return it intact and may not enter the bid opening stage.

3.Signing and Preservation of Bidding Documents

After receiving the bid, the bid inviting party shall sign for it and shall not open it. In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of bidders, the bidder must perform complete signing, registration and filing procedures. The signatory should record the date and place of submission of the bidding documents as well as the sealed status. After the signatory signs, all bidding documents submitted should be placed in a confidential and safe place. No one may open the bidding documents.

In order to ensure sufficient competition, if there are less than three bidders, bidding shall be re-invited. This situation is called a "mark" in foreign countries. According to international practice, at least three bidders can bring effective competition, because two bidders participate in the bidding, lack of competition, the bidder may increase the purchase price, and harm the interests of the bidder.

Didi Enterprise Edition

4. Specifications for the production of the cover of bid documents

(1) Whether the format of the cover is consistent with the format required for the bidding documents, and whether there are typos in the printed text.

(2) Whether the cover section and mileage on the cover are consistent with the bid section and mileage.

(3) Whether the enterprise legal person or entrusted agent signs or seals in accordance with regulations, whether the company's official seal is stamped in accordance with regulations, and whether the name of the bidding unit matches the name of the unit at the time of qualification review.

(4) Whether the bid date is correct.

5. Other matters needing attention

(1) Whether the format of the bid, the bid segment and the mileage are in accordance with the provisions of the bidding documents, and whether the name of the construction unit and the name of the bidding unit are correct.

(2) Whether the quotation amount is consistent with "Total of Bidding Quotation Summary Table", "Summary of Bidding Quotation Table", "Comprehensive Quotation Table", whether the case is the same, and whether the quotation amounts of the international and Chinese bids are consistent.

(3) Whether the construction period shown in the bidding document meets the requirements of the bidding documents.

(4) Whether the bid is stamped with the official seal as required.

(5) Whether the legal representative or authorized agent signs or seals as required.

(6) Whether the date of the bid is correct and whether it matches the cover.

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