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Here comes the knife | The story of the wind and snow (2)

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 很久以前,我有一个佛号,叫做金禅子 Xuanzang: A long time ago, I had a Buddhist name, called " Golden Zenzi " . Anyone can become mundane, as long as you have tried to give up.   做梦和打坐有什么不一样? What is the difference between dreaming and meditating? In a dream, you can think what you are afraid of, but you ca n’t think when you enter. 可是我却喜欢在入定的时候做梦,忘记了红尘已太多年,我需要回忆一种从前。   But I like to dream when I settled in . I have forgotten that Hongchen has been for many years. I need to recall the past.   就在我第八十一次神游在三界之外的时候,终于激怒了那个自称是我师父的佛祖。   At the eighty-first time, I wandered out of the Three Realms and finally angered the Buddha who claimed to be my master. Just waving my sleeves, I fell from the western bliss world to the earth, and everything was too late to close my eyes. Because of this, my smart eyes were burned by the strong light of time and space, and I really became a mortal.   可是我依旧左右不了自己的命运,逃不了的宿缘又引我遁入空门,终于还是要步上西去的歧途。   But I still can't control my own destiny, I can't escape the fate and lead me into the empty door, and finally I still have to go astray. 旁人都以为这是如来怜惜我的不幸,他们不明白成不成佛对我而言只是浮云过眼。   Everyone thought that this was to come to pity my misfortune, they do not understand whether to become a Buddha or not is just a glance to me. Only Ru Lai knows that he has made me ridiculous wandering for life. He wants me to go through eighty-one years. 我常常想,如果没有俗世虚名所累,也许如来和我将是最好的朋友。   I often think that if there is no worldly stigma, maybe Rulai and I will be best friends. We all know each other so well. 可是,或许也正是这种在彼此面前的无所遁藏让我们成了对方最阴暗的秘密。   However, perhaps it is this omnipresent hiding in front of each other that makes us the darkest secret of the other side.




 那天在五行山下,我遇到一个人,他告诉我命里注定的那个和尚终于就快出现了。 Sun Wukong: At the foot of the Five Elements Mountain that day, I met a person who told me that the monk destined to finally appear. In fact, I was a little impatient and waited for the 500-year-old wind meal to sleep, but it was not my style to throw the dice before seeing the bet. So I decided to bear him. 那人走了以后我才想起自己忘记问他,就快出现究竟有多快。   After the man left, I remembered how fast I had forgotten to ask him, "I will appear soon." After being a god for a few years, I should know that people in the heavenly court have no concept of time. Later, it turned out that my worry was not unnecessary, and I did make a mistake in this matter. 三年又三年,三年又三年,花开花落,花落花开,我还在等待。 Three years and three years, three years and three years, the flowers are blooming, the flowers are blooming, I am still waiting.


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You can forget to take your medicine and don't forget to bring a knife.

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