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"We finally broke up. Because of a 300 yuan lipstick."

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The acquaintance of Mr. H and Z is strange. love at first sight? Absolutely impossible, because Z is completely the kind of girl who is thrown into a pile of people and disappears.

When Mr. H and Mr. Z confessed, it was one, um ... a bit "weird" night. It seemed like that was the first real chat between two people. 。我相信自己的感觉。""……" That night, Mr. H suddenly said, "I like you, be my girlfriend." A few words made Xiao Z hold back, and she returned a minute later, "You must be joking ..." "I It's serious. "" It 's most important for two people to be together . I believe in how I feel. "" ... "

I don't know if it was the cause of the short circuit in the big night, so Z finally agreed. After reacting, he sent a cold sweat and tearful expression, "What did I just do?" Mr. H said, "You have made the most correct decision in your life. Now you can sleep well."

However, it turns out that it is really not appropriate to make any decisions at night, especially late at night. ,有些所谓的承诺真的只是听听就好;毕竟, 承诺不如行动来得踏实It turns out that some of the so-called promises are really just a matter of listening; after all, promises are not as solid as actions .

In fact, for a long time to come, Xiao Z was wondering what kind of relationship between the two people: friends? Doesn't look like it. Couple? Even more outrageous. If it is defined by couples, they should be regarded as out-of-place love. But even couples don't usually have too much communication, and they are even more shocked to meet each other. If you don't communicate or meet, this is probably a strange relationship.

Finally, the two met. Xiao Z said, "This should be the last time we met." Silent for a minute, Mr. H said, "It should be the last time. I may not be here again afterwards." silence.

Later, I don't know who broke the silence first. The two walked forward all the way, chatting as they went, as if everything was going on naturally. Little Z secretly fantasizes: How good it would be if the road didn't end.

However, the train will eventually arrive at the station, and every road will have an end. It was late, and after the break up, the two turned around and went home. Xiao Z walking on the road has been thinking about Mr. H, "I feel really accurate. From the chat, you can feel that sometimes you are really perfunctory me .... tell you as a friend Ah, really don't be perfunctory when you fall in love, and two people have to meet and communicate more. This can maintain the relationship .... "

On the way home, Xiao Z thought, work hard. Work can really be distracting and forget everything, maybe only you and your work can be reliable. She also comforted herself by turning herself into a person who loves sex and is jealous of herself, so no one cares! Of course, do not kill in different places.

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Perhaps only Z knows that he will not like other people easily for a long time to come. It's okay to say that she was eating because of slander, or to run away. Just this kind of thing, let it be. I ca n’t wait. .

With the story here, do you think it really ends? The separation of the two is really just the alienation of Little Z and the distance between the two? The real fuse was the lipstick of 300 yuan ...

For girls, going out without lipstick is probably as anxious and insecure as going out without a mobile phone and without a power bank. ;有人说,可以素颜,可以不画眉,但绝对不可以没有口红,什么都可以打折,但口红不行;有人说,出门可以只带一个气垫,哪怕是快用完的,但至少要带三支口红才能活下去…… Some people say that applying lipstick is the most important step in makeup, just like the one on the moon . Some people say that they can be plain and not frown, but they must not be without lipstick. Anything can be discounted, but lipstick ca n’t. You can only take one air cushion when you go out, even if you are running out, but you need at least three lipsticks to survive ...

The enthusiasm of girls for lipstick is probably the same as that of boys for cars: they never want to understand what is the difference between a girlfriend who bought a high price lipstick and the 9.9 lipstick found on Taobao, so that she still loved her Just give her a lipstick "and other snippets; of course, they will never figure out why they should inform their girlfriends an hour in advance, let alone understand why they bring a bag every time they go out ...

! For girls, "I carry a lipstick of my favorite color in my bag. No matter where I go, this is a sense of security!" Seeing this sentence, "Keep in mind that you are a girl, and girls rely on Lipsticks are here to stay! Girls do n’t buy lipsticks, what's the difference with salted fish? ”May every girl have a hong (kou) device that allows herself to become liang; Every girl will not be broken up because of a lipstick of 300 yuan; I hope every girl can live independently and wonderfully !

First of all, Yuzu is not here today to promote prodigalism and materialism, because she is really embarrassed when she doesn't work. Secondly, I would like to say that if the relationship between two people can't even meet a lipstick, then say goodbye as soon as possible; after all, the promise of verbal promises can't bear the practical action. 想为各位男同胞们招儿惹女朋友生气后尤其管用 :这世界上没有一支口红解决不了的问题,如果有就两支。 In the end, Yuzu wants to give a trick to all your fellow men, and it will be especially useful after annoying girlfriends : there is no one lipstick in the world that can't solve the problem. Little angry is YSL, big angry is TF, the only breakup is cl.

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