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FM-girlfriend, is the tattoo of youth

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Zhu Ming scroll

I always have a desire to rent a room with my girlfriends, go to different classes during the day, go to work together at night, go poor together, gossip together, cry together, go shopping together, get drunk together, listen to Mayday ’s singing together Yes, even liked the same guy together ---

Later, we still live in the best of us, watching each other and blessing each other.

A Jun:

On the Chinese Valentine's Day in a certain year, this girlfriend spanned 300 kilometers and gave me flowers.

One weekend, this girlfriend went from Jiaxing to Hangzhou, helped me to blow up a house of balloons, and then returned to Jiaxing alone.

Jun B:

When I graduated from college, I rented a house near my company with my inmates and girlfriends. I work overtime everyday until I come back late. At that time, I often had stomachaches. My girlfriend prepared a very delicious box lunch every day and took me to the company. Every day, she waited until 9 o'clock in the supermarket to buy vegetables. Later, I learned that the supermarket's dishes were cut in half after 9 o'clock.

At the time of our internship at that time, each month's salary was 1,200 yuan, the per capita meal cost was 400 yuan per month, and the per capita rent was 300 yuan per month. In addition to transportation costs, there was little left. Later I learned that after graduating at that time, my girlfriend's boyfriend, who had worked for 2 years, let her live with her. She was afraid that I would not be able to take care of her alone, so she shared the rent with me.

Four years after graduation, she gave me flowers at her wedding.

I hugged her for a long time without saying a word.

C Jun

My mother left when I was 18 years old. I sent a girlfriend who was studying in Shanghai Yigao and said, "I want to have a hug."

The bell rang in my house the next afternoon. It was her.

I remember that the cold autumn hug was especially warm.

Soon after, I realized that my girlfriend was participating in a performance competition at that time, gave up the competition, and took a train to see me overnight.

Later, my girlfriend went abroad. Every year, my mother's death day, she sent me a message.

Later, she became an angel.

A few days after her car accident, I dreamed every day that I was 18 years old and that hug she gave me in the cold autumn season.

I never dreamed of her again.

28岁那年。 Until the age of 28.

I'm getting married. A few days before the wedding, I kept dreaming about her 18-year-old.

I woke up and cried, cried and slept.

D Jun

The first girlfriend of my life was my college friend. When she first met, she snatched my bed. I looked at her and thought about it.

At first I didn't like her publicity. After getting along slowly, we sat together for crazy things. Riding an ox cart together, absent from class together, taking artistic nude photos of each other in a field of miscellaneous grass, riding bicycles together for purposeless trips, climbing the school wall at midnight together, sitting in the square and fighting with strange men opposite .

Sex Blessing Life 2 Triple Worries

Later, I fell in love.

I was drunk and wept on the street. She slapped me two hands and told me to wake up.

The next day after being drunk, my friend told me that her girlfriend pulled me back to the dormitory while crying.

Tell a story about a teenage girl:

The first time I bought lipstick, my girlfriend LINDA took me to buy it.

She said that lipstick is also a very amazing thing, and it can make us very confident. So, took me to a small stall in the market next door to a hometown and bought a very cheap rose lipstick.

I went home happily and put lipstick on carefully in the mirror.

Then, wearing the high-heeled aunt's high-heeled shoes walking back and forth around the room.

It feels like I have the most beautiful everything in the world.

My first heartbeat was 17 years old.

In my letter to my girlfriend, Xiaoluo, who read in Guangzhou, I wrote: I have never seen a boy with such a beautiful dimple.

And every time I saw him, I felt as if the love songs I had heard before were written for me.

Later, every time I adjusted my seat, I wish I could sit near the window. Because of this, I can see him walking past every day.

do you know? Every time his eyes touched me, I thought I felt turning back for me.

At that time, Jay Chou's love song was super beautiful, especially "Xing Qing" ----

The first time I heard about such expensive underwear.

Girlfriend Xiao Chen is a well-known Miss Amy. At school, she gets up at 5 in the morning every day, and I asked her why she got up so. She told me that she spends one hour running and one hour makeup every day. I knew that the delicate girl who appeared in front of us every day was so serious. In addition to her poor learning, Miss Amy is very good in other aspects. She sings well, plays the guitar well, is good at long distance running, and looks good in clothes.

After the college entrance examination, she took me to the most famous underwear store in town to buy a set of very beautiful red underwear. She said that tonight for the first time to give the boy she always liked, that boy is the dimple boy.

It happened that I looked at the 4-digit price on the label and I was dumbfounded.

At that time, my breathing was suddenly very uncomfortable, and I think I was scared by the price.

Later, I met every year during the Spring Festival classmates. I didn't attend.

After graduating from college, the dimple boy and Miss Amy broke up.

I attended a classmate's wedding in G City, and met a Miss Amy who was a bridesmaid at the wedding scene. She was still a very confident and beautiful Miss Amy.

When she left, she hugged me slightly.

Later, in her circle of friends, she learned that she went to Lijiang by herself and opened a homestay.

I occasionally hear stories and would love to share them with you.

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