hg61118.com Charming Sanwangping, her beauty will make you blue and thin, mushrooms ...

Charming Sanwangping, her beauty will make you blue and thin, mushrooms ...

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This public number does not advertise, it is only for promoting hometown. I have been following the article of an old man for several years. I was fortunate to know each other last year. After reading his article and watching his photographs, I was quite impressed. Years of hard work! Along his footsteps, he traveled the mountains and rivers of his hometown, and determined to recommend the mountains and rivers of his hometown to let more people know our beautiful hometown!

Sanwangping pasture has flowers in all seasons, and the flowers in different seasons are different; there are fragrant grasses in different seasons. "Magic Natural Palette" related links: http://www.qxnrb.com/html/2015-10/19/content_150047.htm

In the early spring, when the snow condensed in the grass of Sanwangping just melted, it turned into a magic, and a bunch of yellow wildflowers appeared. No one can name this flower. It dazzled people's eyes in large swaths, as if it were a layer of gold laying on the ground. In midsummer, on the continuous gentle slopes of Erwangping, there is another scene: a kind of pink wild flowers that the locals call "sky pots" are flourishing and lively, as if they are falling. A touch of sunset on the alpine steppe.

Sanwangping original ecological natural pasture is located between Bihen Town and Dachang Town, Qinglong County, Guizhou Province. If you come to Sanwangping, she will definitely surprise you!

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Source: Qinglong Landscape

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