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Wang Shuwei | The Heart Is a Flowering Tree

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The mind is a flowering tree

I was once lonely and indifferent.

At that time, we rented a house. Go in and out every day, but the same face is stretched. For a long time my heart was like a seed that had been frozen for many years, and lost its vitality and vitality.

The corridor was surprisingly dark. The sound-activated lights were already extremely worn, and the dilapidated house seemed to be crumbling. Every time I stepped on the foot, the lamp was not lit, and he must be furious, making the whole ground tremble, the old light bulb squinted and squinted, blinking.

One day I went home at night, no matter how I made it shake the mountain-the light bulb never turned on again.

I started to be scared. After all, I'm still a child, and I always love fantasy. The dark and extremely long corridor seems to have multiplied several times. The moan of light bulbs came from the top of the head, which is more like the secretive picture in Liao Zhai. One by one the horrible demon flashed from his mind ... The cold sweat wet the jacket, The trembling legs no longer seemed to be able to support it. The walls on both sides were cold and cold, and there was an unknown laughter.

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Suddenly, I seem to see a little light. Reconfirm, not a dazzling illusion because of extreme tension, it is real, it is possible to feel. I seemed to have a glimmer of hope and ran quickly. I can't wait to catch it.

Nearly. Gaze at it. Turns out to be an old man in the old age. The wrinkles that covered the face meandered as if not abandoning, climbing up to the hand holding the water lamp. His eyes were all caring, a kind smile. He seemed to be very afraid of life, smiled, and waved his hand: "After school, child ..., go back." At that moment, the soul was washed by several warm currents, grew into a tree, and hit a few buds. . After walking out of the corridor, he finally came to a bright world, but it was not as good as the water lamp in his hand. The light hit the wall, slowly crawling up the old man's kind eyes and looking at the window of the soul.

He is not alone for me. For this day, I heard from old residents who have lived in the neighborhood for more than ten years that every time I change the light bulb, it breaks every two months. This old man used to be a doorman. Every time Power outages. Holding the water lamp every time, quietly, holding a black cane, standing in the dark ...

I heard the sound of flowers opening, and my smile climbed to the corner of my eyes, hot tears, and swirled in my eyes.

That way, I heard that the tree of the soul blossomed.

It's been a long time without thank you.

I am not worried that it will wither, because it will open for a long time with heartwarming.

Wang Shuwei

March 20, 2017

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