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Youth robot competition held in the city

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18 日,由市科协、市教育局联合主办的 2017 年铜陵青少年机器人竞赛在三中体育馆举办。 On March 18 , the 2017 Tongling Youth Robot Competition, jointly sponsored by the Municipal Science and Technology Association and the Municipal Education Bureau , was held at the Third Middle School Gymnasium. 30 余所中小学校, 106支参赛队、168名参赛选手参加。 This competition is the largest robot game in the city's history with the largest number of projects, attracting more than 30 primary and secondary schools in the city , 106 teams and 168 participants.

“FLL”工程挑战赛 “WER” 工程挑战赛、 “WER” 工程创新赛、 “WER” 能力挑战赛、中鸣超级轨迹赛 ,比赛现场气氛热烈,所有参赛项目均参照第十六届中国青少年机器人竞赛规则,并结合我市实际情况设定竞赛规则,选手都表现出良好的竞技状态。 There are 5 events in this competition, which are “FLL” Engineering Challenge , “WER” Engineering Challenge, “WER” Engineering Innovation Competition, “WER” Ability Challenge, Zhongming Super Track Competition . The projects are based on the rules of the 16th China Youth Robot Competition and set the competition rules based on the actual situation of our city. The players have shown a good competitive status.

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At the end of the competition, the first, second and third prizes of each category were selected. At the same time, the competition selected the best among the winners and selected the players to participate in the provincial youth robot competition.

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