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"Two votes, three systems"-the transfer system

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Two-ticket, three-ticket work ticket-you are only one work ticket away from danger

Two-vote, three-vote operation tickets-you are only one operation ticket away from danger

The handover system is one of the basic management systems in the power system. It has the same important status as the regular switching test system for equipment, and it is self-evident to the importance of power plant operation management. The handover system refers to the handover system between various positions. It is an important means for preliminary understanding of on-site operation methods, abnormal conditions, and main tasks, and it is also an important system for ensuring safety.



The operation transfer management standard is to specify the transfer mode between the operating staff and the off-duty, to clarify the responsibilities of the transfer parties in the operating positions, and to ensure an important measure of safe production, which must be strictly implemented.


The need for a shift

1. Institutional guarantee to ensure the basic requirements of the shift system.

2. Pre-shift meeting: The shift attendant will briefly explain on-site operation methods, abnormal conditions, and main work progress.

3. Succession inspection

Check the operation records during off-duty shifts to understand the main situation of the unit in detail. If in doubt, ask the shift duty for details. Look at the panel to see the operation mode of each auxiliary machine, whether there are abnormalities in each parameter, and the operating conditions of the unit. Check job tickets and get a sense of closed and started work.

4. Inspection of public goods such as tools, keys, etc. For public goods that have not been seen for any reason, they should be required to make a proper explanation of the shift value.

5. Check the status of each equipment of the security control integration. If there is any abnormality, the shift value should be required to return to normal.

6, the succession meeting, the staff on duty will explain to the supervisor on-site work, understand the abnormal situation. The on-duty supervisor will explain the safety precautions and work points to the staff.


Notes on handover

1. The operating staff shall perform the shift on time according to the prescribed rotation schedule and time. If the successor fails to arrive on time, the attendant should remain on duty to continue on duty and report to the supervisor on duty until someone can take over. The officer on duty must not be on two consecutive shifts.

2. According to the continuity and importance of power plant production, the successor should arrive at the site 20 minutes in advance to check and understand in order to grasp the equipment operation status and work situation of the post. The operating personnel shall carry out the handover procedure and time specified in this standard.

3. When handling an accident or performing important operations, no handover is allowed. If an accident occurs during the shift, and the successor is not yet in charge, the shift staff will be responsible for the accident handling and operation. The successor should take the initiative to assist the handling under the leadership of the shift officer until the accident is completed or brought to an end Only after the transfer can be performed. If an accident occurs and the successor has signed the succession, the successor should be responsible for handling and operating the accident. The shift staff should actively assist in the accident handling under the leadership of the duty officer. Important operations are generally not performed 30 minutes before the shift and 30 minutes after the shift.

4. If any problem is found during the shift inspection, it should be raised to the shift attendant (or shift), who will be responsible for reporting to the supervisor. If the successor does not carefully check the remaining problems, the successor will be mainly responsible for the situation.

5. The operating personnel of each post shall not leave the office without permission before completing the shift procedures.

6. The study staff shall not be solely responsible for the transfer of posts before the post is approved for independent duty. It shall be carried out under the supervision and guidance of a master.

When operating personnel who leave for a long time (one month or more) return to duty, they should be aware of the changes in equipment and operations of the post, and they can take over after passing the departmental examination.

7. The duty officer is responsible for holding the pre-shift and post-shift meetings before and after the shift. Standing shifts should be serious, focused, and full of energy.


Procedures and contents of handover

I. Preparation for shift

Before the shift is handed over, it is necessary to make various preparations for handover according to their respective scope of duties.

1. Do a good job of all inspections that should be completed in this class, regular test of equipment and switching work and operation tasks . Before the shift, the following tasks must be completed: check the operation status of the equipment under its jurisdiction; check the operation diary and DCS parameters for no abnormalities; check the safety equipment, walkie-talkies, keys, procedures and materials, drawings, statements, etc. Enter the shift records carefully, and the content is not omitted.

2. The main contents of the shift record are:

Changes in the operation mode of the unit and the current equipment operation;

Equipment shutdown and resumption of the unit, and implementation of work tickets;

Equipment defects and handling conditions of the unit, and safety measures implemented;

Tasks, tests, equipment switching, etc. of the day;

Personal or equipment insecurity in this class and its brief reasons;

Relevant technical orders, technical notices, superior instructions, etc .;

Other operational matters that need attention in the next shift.

Second, on-site inspection

The successor of each post shall carry out the on-site equipment replacement inspection in accordance with the inspection items, content and requirements specified in the regulations.

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Pre-class meeting

1. After the on-site equipment inspection is completed, the pre-class meeting will be presided over by the duty officer five minutes in advance.

2. The content of the pre-class meeting is as follows:

First of all, the staff at each post reported concisely and clearly the on-site inspection of the post, whether new equipment defects were found, and whether the unit could take over the shift;

The value of the value is to arrange the production tasks and safety measures of the value, and to deliver the task, the situation, and the safety. Weak link of the running mode of the value, the operating measures taken, and precautions of the value;

Communicate the company's relevant technical orders, notices and instructions, and clarify the situation of equipment shutdown and rehabilitation and the implementation of safety measures;

Simple questioning of operating personnel.

3. Duty announces succession

The shift will end before the shift, and the shift manager confirms that he can take over.

Fourth, post counterpart handover

1. Post-to-post handover is implemented for each post. After the successor arrives, the shifter should take the initiative to explain the situation of the class to him.

2. If the successor's dictation to the shifter is unclear, he should take the initiative to ask, and the shifter is obliged to answer patiently;

3. Other content of counterparty transfer:

The successor checks the operation logs, records and reports.

Inventory of industrial equipment, keys, communication equipment, etc.

Check post health work.

V. After Class

After the shift, the duty officer will preside over the content. After the shift, the content will be as follows: 1. Inventory the staff on duty to confirm that they have been transferred; 2. The captain reports the work completed by the shift; 3. The duty completed by the duty shift Make a review and comment on the duty situation of the watchkeeper; 4. The safety situation on duty; leave an initial cause analysis for accidents of an "abnormal" or above nature, verify the development and handling of the process, and main lessons, and do not conceal ;

Note: The station shifts of external operation majors such as chemistry, coal transportation, ash removal, and desulfurization will be presided over by the person in charge of the shift. The person in charge of the shift shall report the transfer to the supervisor in a timely manner within 30 minutes after the transfer.


Problems in current transfer

1. Occasional lateness of the successor occurs (white to night);

2. The successor did not read the operation log during the off-hours in detail before taking over, and it was not clear about the operating status of the crew during the off-hours;

3. The successor and shifter did not seriously perform their job duties, were not serious during the transfer, and there were situations of laughter and chat;

4. Successors, especially those in high positions, have not inspected the key inspection areas of the crew;

5. The shift staff did not carry out a detailed inspection of the work of the team before the transfer. Frequently, the operation log is incompletely filled, and the tools and keys of the team are missing and lost;

6. Before the shift, some staff, especially those on duty and below, did not understand some of the key issues and danger points in the shift meeting;

7. Before taking over, some of the transfer staff did not know enough about the operation mode of the unit, the work tickets started on site, the operation mode of the public system and the special operation mode of some equipment, and the reasons for the mode operation were not clear.

8. In the process of handover, there is a phenomenon of insufficient execution of written handover, oral handover and on-site handover;


Realistic statement


At 19:00 on April 9, 2010, the boiler maintenance staff of a Sichuan Power Generation Co., Ltd. did not power off the pear coal burner and did not take safety cover measures at the entrance of the coal hopper while handling the defect of the wear-resistant layer in the # 62 furnace D raw coal hopper. The status of the equipment was not given during the fuel transfer, and there was no equipment maintenance operation mark on site. The inspectors arbitrarily hit the coal burr "on-site" to put coal on the coal hopper being overhauled, causing 2 maintenance personnel to suffocate and die in the coal hopper. .

擅自扩大工作范围、无票作业、交接班不清楚、工作票计算机权限管理混乱,工作负责人代替工作票签发人签字。 Reasons : Unauthorized expansion of the scope of work, no ticket work, unclear transfer work, chaotic management of work ticket computer authority, and the person in charge of the job signing on behalf of the issuer of the work ticket.


At the end of the night shift in a coking plant, the driver of the dequeuing car was anxious to get off work, and a single person entered the decoking road to clean the coking road. The main decoking driver left the coking car without knowing it. When the coke-extinguishing driver conducted a test of the coke-extinguishing vehicle, the night co-driver was crushed to death. Analysis of the cause of the accident: The road clearance system is not perfect; the handover system is not strict; the parasitic driver's thinking is paralyzed and the subjective safety awareness is not enough; the main driver of the night shift leaves the job arbitrarily; the successor driver's operation is not standardized and the car does not ring.


1. The head of the section is responsible for the formulation, stopping the power supply at designated locations, and using the production cycle time to clear the coke quenching road;

2. Strict handover system, the issue should be explained clearly during the handover, the shift section must be checked by the head of the section before the number of people is correct before leaving, preventing unauthorized departure;

3. Strengthen employee safety ideological education.

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