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A 30-word resume

Public number: Teacher Fang Fang Source: Time: 2020-02-21 01:43:52

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In this world, there are always many people who think that if they can't do it, others have done it, it must not be a glorious way, it must not depend on their own strength.

When you see the TOEFL GMAT score, people will think: "How is it possible! This person must have lived abroad as a child!"

Seeing a particularly well-maintained middle-aged woman, she would pout her mouth: "It must be a heavy injection of hyaluronic acid, this needle and that needle!"

Seeing a young and beautiful girl driving in a luxury car, she thought, "It must be a mistress!"

When you see the young talents who are young on the rich list, they will speculate: "It must be a family business!"

Seeing the young and famous singer stars who rely on participating in the draft to become popular across the country, they will doubt others: "It is estimated that they have been hidden."

Such examples happen almost every day, and I once completely didn't realize that I had fallen deeper and deeper in such an abyss.

Until the senior year, I went to an interview with a company. The last item in the interview notification email was: Please bring a personal resume with no more than 30 words.

I saw it, wasn't it? 30 words? !! I have listed the name of the company I have worked in and the name of the school I have read for more than 30 words. !! I thought about it, absolutely impossible! Maybe they missed 0? So I didn't think too much.

By the day of the interview, I brought a resume that I thought was very simple. I felt really aggrieved along the way. I did n’t write a lot of things. Too! But there is no way, try to fit the company's simple and precise style of work.

At the company, after I submitted my resume, the three interviewers frowned. A gray-haired foreign man asked me, "You have more than 30 words, at least 400 words. Why not do what we want?"

I froze for a moment, what? Is it really 30 words? Didn't they make me play? I was a little skeptical and said, "30 words? It's impossible to write a resume in 30 words! It's too few words!"

A female interviewer said sharply, "Impossible? How could we ask you to do the impossible?" She said and put a stack of resumes in front of me. "They are all possible, why is it impossible for you?"

I blushed when I brushed the floor, and I couldn't speak. This is the only time I'm expecting the interviewer to hurry up and say, "Okay, you can go out."

The gray-haired interviewer said again, " You think that something impossible in this world is because you haven't tried to do it. "

I hesitated and said, "Thank you. I know where my problem lies. I don't know if it is convenient for me to take a look at the resumes of other people. I want to know how big the gap is."

Several of them looked at each other, nodded and handed me a stack of resumes.

The moment I took it, I was shocked by the top copy.

A cartoon character based on the interviewer himself was drawn on the entire piece of paper, with his name on the top, and a huge head, the top of the head was open, and a large computer chip was used to draw the original forest. "Computerized mind" (computerized thinking) next to it; holding an artboard in the left hand and writing "Photoshop Skiller" (PS skills); holding a stack of reports in the right hand and writing "Report expert" There is a microphone in the middle of the tie, which says "Good Presenter"; the position of the heart draws a weird heart, and it writes "Creative heart"; Wearing pleated trousers with "Detail-cared" next to it ...

As I watched, my palms were sweating.

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Such a resume with no more than 20 words, I can still remember it verbatim today after reading it for four years, and the picture is lifelike. You can imagine the shock it brought to me at the time, and to the interviewers. How impressed.

In the next stack of resumes, there was a big turntable, which wrote out some of his own characteristics; some wrote a few major things he made on a vertical timeline; and cut out a few The works I participated in are stuck ...

In short, no one is more than 30 words!

But after reading each resume, it was like seeing a living person standing in front of me. I knew his personality, what his specialty was, and what praises he had.

And my blank white paper, I'm afraid people don't even want to see it, even if they read it, they will not leave any impression.

I was embarrassed to return the stack of papers to the interviewer and bowed sincerely, "Sorry for wasting your time. Before I came here, I always felt that there was something I couldn't do, it was impossible Got it. Thank you for letting me know how stupid I am. Thank you. "

When I closed the door behind me, I took a long breath. All the way back, I went very slowly. I am not sad to miss such a job opportunity, but I am sad to think about how many opportunities I lost in the past ten years? Let the possibility that should have become the impossible in my mouth.

I understand the fact that it is annoying to admit that those things that I think are impossible are actually not impossible at all, just what I think is impossible. For a mediocre person who does not think and think at all, many things will become impossible!

Later, I tried to make a resume with a word count of less than 30 words. After four nights, I really did.

Later, I tried to make another resume like a briefing, and after three nights, it really did.

Before that, I thought that the resume should be black and white, from education background to work experience to hobbies. But should it be taken for granted?

We ca n’t do it ourselves, is it really because we are incompetent, or have we not tried to do it at all?

Students who scored perfect on the TOEFL test, maybe we didn't see it, they got up early and touched the black cantilever spines every day to practice their spoken language until their throat became inflamed;

The beauty driving a luxury car, maybe we didn't see it, the girl worked hard for several years and worked like a dog to save money every day;

Well-maintained middle-aged women, maybe we did not see that they go to the gym every day after work, they must not sleep on their stomachs every night, they must do masks every night for more than ten years;

Outstanding young entrepreneurs, maybe we haven't seen that they spend countless sleepless nights and put in much more effort than those of us in our sleep;

Those stars who have been popular all over the country, maybe we haven't seen them, they have been obsessively practicing basic skills in the unknown for more than a decade ...

When we see nothing, we say that others are impossible; when we try nothing, we say that it is impossible. Actually, what we think is impossible, others can really do it. For someone who dare not do it, everything is impossible!

——People's Daily

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