hg.60688.com What do accountants with monthly salary over 10,000 have in common? How many do you meet?

What do accountants with monthly salary over 10,000 have in common? How many do you meet?

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Ultimate evolution

The unit may fire competent employees, but for a loyal person, no leader is willing to let him go. He will become the longest fighter in the iron camp, and the most promising employee.

  • Think from the boss's point of view;

  • Share your thoughts with your superiors;

  • Protect the company's interests at all times;

  • Think about making money for the company;

  • Stand up to the temptations of the outside world.

With the progress of society, people's knowledge background is becoming more and more convergent, and education and diplomas are no longer the primary conditions for companies to select employees. In many companies, the first condition for inspecting employees is professionalism, and the second is professionalism.

  • The purpose of work is not just remuneration;

  • Provide services and efforts beyond compensation;

  • Willing to make personal sacrifices for the job;

  • Blur the concept of commuting to work and talk about rest after finishing work;

  • Pay attention to every detail in the work.

Don't wait for someone to explain everything, as long as one can do everything automatically and spontaneously, even if the starting point is lower than others, there will be great development. Spontaneous people are always welcomed by the boss.

  • From "Want me to do" to "I want to do";

  • Take the initiative to share some "extra" things;

  • Do it first, then say it, surprise your boss;

  • Learn to recommend yourself;

  • High standard requirements: one step required, three steps required;

  • Grasp the active scale, don't rush to show, show the limelight or even grab others' work.

People who have the courage to take responsibility have important significance to the enterprise. One person can work worse than others, but must not lack sense of responsibility. Pushing everything in the wrong direction and finding objective reasons without reflecting on yourself will definitely lose the trust of your superiors.

  • The core of responsibility lies in the sense of responsibility;

  • Do every little thing well;

  • Promises must be kept and action must be resolute;

  • Wrong is wrong, never make excuses;

  • Don't make a big mistake with a little negligence.

Efficient work habits are necessary for everyone who desires success, and it is also valued by every unit.

  • Say "goodbye" to the poor;

  • Unbound and focused.

  • Quantify and refine daily work;

  • Procrastination is the most vicious professional killer;

  • Keep in mind the priority, the first thing first;

  • Prevent perfectionism from becoming the enemy of efficiency.

"Whether it is a black cat or a white cat, it is a good cat to catch a mouse!" No matter hard work or skillfulness, the employees who achieved results will be recognized by everyone. Enterprises value how much "work" you have, not how much "bitterness" you have.

  • Think about how to get things done from the start;

  • There are always more ways than problems;

  • Work smarter than just hard work;

  • Create conditions without conditions;

  • Complete the task beyond expectations.

The poor communicator, even if he is more talented, is only a talent of one person, neither can inherit or improve. The good communicator, even if it is mediocre, can learn by doing and eventually realize his value.

  • Communication and gossip are two different things;

  • It is a mistake not to speak and talk too much;

  • Bring solutions to ask questions, communicate face to face, and resolve on the spot;

  • Cultivate emotional intelligence to accept criticism;

  • With the big picture in mind, both good news and bad news;

  • There can be contradictions internally, and they must be consistent externally.

The team advances and retreats. No matter how strong your personal ability is, as long as it hurts the team, the company will never let you stay long-don't think that without you, the team can't run!

  • Dripping into the sea and individuals into the team;

  • Obey the overall arrangement;

  • Observing discipline can guarantee combat effectiveness;

  • Don't be a "short board" of the team, if you are now, you must "increase" yourself;

  • Think for others and for the team.

Individuals must always keep up with the pace of the enterprise, and enterprises must always keep up with the pace of the market; whether in the workplace or the market, whether individuals or enterprises, participants do not want to be eliminated. To do this, we must move forward, and stagnation means giving up, which means being out!

  • Learn and learn with an empty glass mentality;

  • Don't get angry, get angry

  • Do not reuse one year of experience for ten years;

  • Squeeze time to "increase" and "charge" yourself;

  • Develop your own "comparative advantage";

  • Challenge yourself and plan ahead.

You do n’t have to be proud of Cai Gao, do n’t think that you do n’t see your credit if you do n’t say or preach. So don't show off in front of colleagues.

  • Don't invite credit

  • Overcome the mentality of “big talents and small uses”;

  • Don't display qualifications

  • All people must respect

  • Strive to be consistent with the real name and match your position;

  • Results are just the beginning and honor is the motivation.

Thrift is not a key, but a virtue. Don't take the company's money for money. The company has "pots" and employees have "bowls". Similarly, there are more "pots" and more "bowls". The person in charge is you.

  • Reimbursement accounts must be honest;

  • Do not be clever, not greedy for cheap;

  • Do not waste company resources, even a piece of paper;

  • Cherish every minute of work;

  • Strive for maximum benefits for every cost paid;

  • Remember: what is saved is profit!

Why can we forgive our faults, but complain so much about others and the company? No matter how talented people are, they need others to give you opportunities to do things, and they need you to help you, large or small. Your happiness now is not something you can achieve alone.

  • The boss gave you rice

  • Work not only gives you compensation, but also opportunities to learn and grow;

  • Colleagues give you cooperation at work;

  • Customers help you create performance;

  • Opponents let you see distance and development space;

  • Critics let you constantly improve yourself.

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