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Written to you 25 years old

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Written to you 25 years old


In the early morning, it rained outside.

Later, the rain stopped.

Only the moist ground, the cool air, and the enchanting tender willow with a little rain and dew, a picture of the shame of early spring.

There are still seven days left, which is my 25th birthday.


Early in the morning, he woke up stably, pulled up his suitcase and went home. Today is the day for my grandpa to sweep the grave.

My mother and I walked for a long time because of the high speed through the village. It is said that near hometown is more relevant, but when I approach this piece of land that has lived for 13 years, my heart almost collapses. For this, the relationship is too complicated.

Looking from a distance, in a grave, only the grandfather's smallest and shortest.

Gradually approaching, all graves were weeds. Although dry, they were still firmly anchored on every inch of soil.

My mother and I cleaned these weeds little by little, sometimes pricked by thorns in the grass, and squinted by the dust.

Later, it was finally cleaned and filled with new soil. We followed the old example and talked to my grandpa. My mother kept telling my grandfather who was never willing to spend money on himself in his life. In another world, don't be reluctant. His mother deliberately prepared a cash cow for him this year and planted it on the ground. The mother also said that everyone is okay and told him not to forget.

I didn't speak.

I still want to cry.

Every year since my grandpa left, I told him silently in my heart that I miss him very much. Our growth changes, if he is still, how good.

The fire went out, and the tears in my eyes finally swallowed back. Although I really want to cry, I am an adult after all.

There are four days left to celebrate my 25th birthday.


Another weather forecast said it was rainy.

At this time, I can't help thinking about everything that happened this year. About family, work, and life. One year, there were many accidents in my life, which brought me too much growth, although some of them were not what I wanted.

Last year's 3.18, on Friday, my favorite company closed down. People dispersed and started a new life. I stayed at the starting point, made a circle, met a few new people, tried a new job, and then, I embarked on the road of reviewing and writing. Life is always joking like this, you have not been patiently prepared, so you have not passed. You prepare patiently, but there is also a risk of failure.

On the day I learned the result, I was in Ant and Ocean Bookstore and just got Yang Bobo's new book. After listening to the conversations of several teachers, I was ready to leave. In the garden of the Chase Times Garden, I cried. There were a few more students who passed the exam, and the school girl also succeeded. I do not have. After talking with the old aunt and mother, one person cried for a while, then walked back to his place of residence.

Life goes on.

Moving to the eco-city, I made a very important decision to work in an educational institution.

I was in a hurry when I came and didn't do much investigation and understanding until I moved my luggage and moved in ...

The fireworks here are too weak to see the passing cars and bustling crowds. Only tall buildings lined during the day ...

Lonely, stepping into an educational institution, and choosing such a career, it is destined to basically fail to spend time with others in the future. At first, it was closed on a single day, and then closed on Tuesday. It was difficult and difficult. It's hard to meet friends and even harder to go home.

dnf moving bricks

Fortunately, I made two friends here. Two younger sisters than me have lost their care in life and work, and they have solved too many worries for me.

Here, I met the invincible boss and invincible colleague.

In March 2017, she left. From treating her with sincerity at the beginning, regardless of work and life, to all of us who were later bullied by her, during this period of forbearance, to the last big quarrel, my patience reached the limit. If you don't want to endure it anymore, you will take action. In the end, she made it to the point of being ruthlessly fired by her boss. Reading books and drinking tea in the hut every day to learn English does not create value for the company. Finally, the enthusiasm of how to pretend to be past will be seen through. If I really do n’t work hard, then nothing will last forever. This is the case for work and feelings.

After the dust settled, everything returned to calm. There are not many things to worry about and upset people at work. However, try your best to be an English teacher, and trust your children's parents.

This year, several of my classmates are getting married. Then someone told me to urge me to get married. I'm happy that they can get married, but I'm not sad that I can't get married. Everyone has their own way of life, they have their own considerations, and there is probably nothing that should or should not happen in marriage. It is everyone's own choice.

During the year, a few friends also had emotional problems. Although there was companionship and comfort, after all, I couldn't share their pain. In the end, they had to solve it by themselves.

I just hope that they can get out of their sorrows and live the lives of the most ordinary people as soon as possible.

Two years after graduation, the more things I experience, the more sadness I feel in my heart.

Looking at the space log written from high school to college, or the WeChat circle of friends, I felt that at that time I had a desire to be mature and naive.

I am growing and changing. People who have met before and the scenery they have seen have also changed.

What I used to believe wouldn't change is emotion. What I believe that will not change now is change.

I went home a few days ago and talked about my childhood as a kid.

I smiled and said, I was very naughty when I was a kid, it was difficult to bring, and every time she went to bed, she and my grandfather tried to hold me in my arms, I would break free and not hug .

I also said that when I was two years old, I started to talk, although it was not clear. The aunt who opened the canteen teased me every time and asked me if it was cool, because someone asked me if it was cold or cold, and I said it was cool.

I said that I would be more naughty after walking. I always open the door of the medicine cabinet at home and go in to play. Later they were afraid I would take the wrong medicine and locked the cupboard.

Another day is my 25th birthday.

I want to say something to myself tomorrow.

Lily, you see, wow, in the past year, you have got a lot of pain, but all this has grown and made you what you are now. As you grow older, your mind is more mature.

You have also read a few good books this year. Although not many, they can help you get rid of loneliness.

This year, my brother took you to the prairie to relax, and friends accompanied you around Beijing. Although the number of trips is not many, it is very meaningful.

From your birthday last year to now, although you have been home a limited number of times, you will be more considerate with your family every time.

This year, the economy became independent and it was able to subsidize the family. This is another good thing.

At the age of 25, the United Nations says you have reached middle age. It doesn't matter, middle age is just beginning, you still have a lot of time, come on, be happy!

Happy birthday to you in advance, happy birthday!

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